The Summer Beauty Survival Guide

If you’re anything like us, or Carrie Bradshaw, you aren’t the woman who can wear white and not get anything on it. Therefore, you’re the kind of woman who has multiple beauty emergencies a week where you look up to the heavens and think “Why me?” Whether it be a painful blister emerging right on your way into work or a chipped manicure on a first date, the probability that us Potatoheads have a beauty faux-pas runs pretty high. That likelihood increases in the summer, when basically anything from a strong bay breeze or a summer storm threatens to ruin our look. Don’t fret; we’ve thought through every summer beauty emergency, so you’ll never be caught looking (and feeling!) less than fabulous again. Find our stellar tips below….

Handle a broken heel –

We swear by crazy glue for fixing a broken heel. First, get some traction by rubbing the two parts of the shoe on the sidewalk; this will give the glue some grooves to grab on to. Put the glue on the bottom of the show, then wait fifteen seconds. Attach, then wait two minutes. See a repairman, but for now? Good as new!

Fix hat head –

Flip your head over, apply some dry shampoo, then twist back into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Let sit five minutes, then shake out. Your hat head will be transformed into loose, beauty waves.

Avoid lipstick on your teeth –

It happens to the best of us; no one likes the dreaded lipstick stain. Avoid it by first lining your lips with a similar color. Apply your lipstick, then form an “O” with your lips. Put your finger in your mouth, then pull it out. The lipstick will now be on your hand, not on your lips, but don’t forget to wash your hands after!

Keep false lashes on longer –

You may put your mascara on from the top; that’s actually what most makeup artists recommend you do for more dramatic length. When wearing falsies, though, always swipe from the bottom, as close to the lash line as possible. This will help cover up any glue and help your natural lashes bond better to the adhesive.

Remove any wine stain –

Chances are, you’re probably not drinking red wine in the summertime, but dark rosés can stain your linen clothes just as badly as a deep Bordeaux. Remove the stain by working as quickly as possible to dab at the stain with a napkin, being sure not to rub it in. Pour club soda on top, then dab again. Add some salt, and dab again. Repeat the steps until the stain is gone; trust us, it’ll come out with enough work.

Fix a broken nail –

Always carry a nail file, but if you find yourself without one, you can rub the hard edge along the seam of your jeans to smooth it. It’s not perfect, but a smoother edge will look loads better than a jagged corner.

Want more tips? Read this guide from Dr. Holly Phillips or try out the sane summer cleanse.