Your August Horoscope!

August has some big things in store; see what it holds for your sign, from Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins below!


Come out and play, Aries! The Sun is in Leo and your passionate fifth house until August 22, giving you the urge to express yourself. Whether you’re putting your talents on display, cranking up the heat in your love life or dominating the dance floor, this solar cycle is all about living out loud. Your ruling planet, energizer Mars, is also in Leo until September 5. Everywhere you go, your colorful Aries personality is in demand, so give the people what they want! Just a word of warning: Together the Sun and Mars form a very dynamic duo, but they can also drive up egos, drama and competitiveness. You can’t help stealing the spotlight—just be careful not to hog it. Leave room for others to shine alongside you. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Home is where your Bullish heart is this month. Whether you’re traveling to your favorite childhood vacation spot or hunkering down at Chateau Taurus, August puts you in nostalgic and sensitive spirits. The Sun is making its annual visit to Leo until August 22, spotlighting your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. Focus on your personal life instead of toiling away under the canned A/C. Nurturing your closest bonds, especially with women and children, will soothe your soul. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Spread yourself around, Gemini! The Sun is in Leo until August 22, heating up your third house of communication, local events and ideas. You’re at your vibrant best, bubbling over with interesting conversation topics and witty one-liners. Energetic Mars is also in Leo all month, making you the most vibrant fixture on the scene. Since Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house, you’re in your element, holding court everywhere from the dog park to the dry-cleaner’s. Since you’re this hungry for inspiration, load up on your RDA of podcasts, Kindle downloads and stimulating newsfeeds—then head to some new neighborhood haunts to enjoy some binge-worthy intellectual intake while you sip an iced latte and become instant BFFs with the baristas. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Time to simplify, Cancer—as best as you possibly can. The August stars are all over the place, much like they were in July. But lucky for you, there’s some anchoring energy coming in. Until August 22, the Sun is in Leo and your second house of work, daily routines and security. Set priorities by keeping your schedule lean and sticking to the basics. Hold off on splashy new undertakings until the fall. Your career could be a heat zone, as aggravator Mars blazes through Leo all month until September 5. This could bring an uptick in job demands or an unexpected expense that leaves you scrambling to cover the cost. You could also get an exciting moneymaking opportunity or catch wind of an offer that can catapult you to the next level. All the more reason to keep your calendar light so you’re not too busy to seize this fleeting moment. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Your reinvention tour commences now. August is a HUGE turning point for your sign, as the stars send you hurtling down an exciting but unfamiliar new path. Luckily, the destination is completely aligned with your dreams and desires—but don’t expect to be handed a GPS or itinerary for your route. You’re realigning your lifestyle, relationships and priorities to match the person you’ve become. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


You are getting verrrry sleepy, Virgo. This month could find you struggling to keep your energy up during the first three weeks, as the Sun slogs through Leo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and endings. You’re winding down a long solar cycle in preparation for your next birthday—and Virgo season, which begins on August 22. That should provide something of a reboot, but TBH it might take until the second week of September for you to start feeling completely on top of your game again. That’s because your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde until September 5, and it will backtrack through Virgo until August 31, leaving you feeling exhausted and misunderstood. Ride it out and do your behind-the-scenes work. Save the splashy debut for next month. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Get out and circulate, Libra! The Sun is in Leo and your vibrant, collaborative eleventh house until August 22. After a hardworking July, you’re ready to spread your social butterfly wings and network as only your sign can. With intense Mars also in Leo from July 20 to September 5, your outgoing energy is cranked up high. Whether you’re rallying the troops to get pumped about a work project or making an unforgettable entrance at a summer fiesta, you’re the heartbeat of every group gathering. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Your move, Scorpio. While others are MIA this month, you’re hunched over the metaphorical chess board, ready to capture the king. The Sun is in regal Leo and your tenth house of career, success and prestige until August 22, pumping up your ambitions. And it’s getting extra jetpack fuel from go-getter Mars, which is riding shotgun in Leo from July 20 to September 5. This blazing hot cycle only comes around every two years to boost your professional mojo and set your sights on a lofty goal. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year—at least, if you’re a Sagittarius. The Sun is making its annual chariot ride through lively Leo until August 22, parading through your ninth house of expansion, adventure and travel/. Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the zodiac’s ninth house, so you’ll be in the zone, pulsating with possibilities. (Who needs Christmas with all this Sag energy in the air now?) As a special bonus, energizer Mars is also in Leo from July 20 to September 5, dialing up your wanderlust and giving you the urge to take a bold risk. Maybe you’ll roll the dice on a business venture or pack your bags for a far-flung getaway. Your sign loves to learn, so dive into a metaphysical topic or start exploring back-to-school possibilities for early fall. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Passion! Intensity! Intrigue! August could unfold like a bodice-ripping beach read as the stars turn up the heat. The Sun is in Leo until August 22, blazing a fiery trail through your eighth house of joint ventures, intimacy and merging. You’re craving more privacy now, perhaps with the sizzling company of a sexy plus-one. With red-hot Mars riding shotgun in Leo from July 20 to September 5, an attraction could get downright combustible, turning into an epic summer affair. (Watch out: With Mars in this possessive part of your chart, jealousy and obsession can also spike.) A business deal could lead to major money; real estate and legal matters could also be in the spotlight. Dull moments? You might secretly wish for a few more. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Sit tight, Aquarius: This is the month you’ve been waiting for. With two life-changing eclipses on the map—one in YOUR sign—your relationships and personal goals are about to get reshuffled. These eclipses will impact your priorities, the people you hang around, your lifestyle and your closest ties. Everything’s up for a much-needed renegotiation, and the flurry of activity could leave your life looking dramatically different come September. Read the rest of your horoscope here!


Gather those loose ends and bring some order back to your life, Pisces. The Sun is making its annual trek through Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and systems. You’re ready to dial down the intensity (even the fun kind) and simplify, getting life back into a steadier, more manageable groove. Read the rest of your horoscope here!

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