It’s Time We Talk About Tampons

Have you ever wondered what’s in a tampon? Maybe you’ve been curious but never bothered to check or maybe you’ve been buying whatever is cheapest at the drugstore, in blissful ignorance.  Not to burst your bubble, but it’s time we talk about what you’re really putting in your body.

Tampons that you’re used to seeing at your local drugstore are probably non-organic, contain a regular cotton (aka grown with pesticides) and synthetic rayon mix that’s likely been bleached with chlorine. It also might contain chemical fragrances or dyes. It’s hard to know how those things directly affect our health, but it’s estimated that a woman will use 11,000 tampons throughout her life. We know to avoid processed foods (too much sugar) and use natural haircare (goodbye sulfates); why shouldn’t we also make the switch to organic tampons? If we care about the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, why should our feminine care be any different?

That’s where LOLA comes in. The company is founded by women for women; calling us fans would be an understatement. They’re taking the guesswork and shame out of the feminine care market – and are doing it beautifully, might we add. Their packaging is chic and simple, in an aesthetically pleasing light blue and white minimalist palette. Their products are simple and transparent, and unlike bigger conventional feminine care companies, they actually tell you everything that is going into their products. Spoiler, they’re made from one ingredient: organic cotton.

How many tampons do you use a month? It’s something we don’t usually talk or even think about; we buy feminine care products when we need them, use them, and forget about them until the next month. We’ve been doing the same thing for years: buying what we need when we need it. But honestly? Our time of the month, much like the rest of our lives, can be occasionally unpredictable. We’ve all been in that moment before, rushing off to the drugstore in a panic when we realize we’re out, cursing ourselves for not keeping a stock of tampons at home or at the office.

LOLA’s subscription service changes that. They let you choose exactly what you need and deliver every month, so you’ll always be prepared. As editors, every day at work looks different. One day we’ll be running uptown for a meeting, the next we’re taking calls from home while writing a piece. No two days look the same. LOLA gets that, and knows that our period is never the same either. You choose exactly which products go into your monthly box, be they tampons or lighter shields. We love that they cater to our need for options, and let us choose the exact combination we want month to month.

Let’s be honest, Potatoheads, no one knows our bodies better than we do. No more frantically running to the drugstore or blindly putting synthetic dyes and harmful chemicals into our bodies. We’re busy women with unique needs and tastes, and, thanks to LOLA, we finally feel like our feminine care is just as important as the rest of our lives.

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*Sponsored by LOLA