How To Have Healthy Hair

When it comes to our hair in summertime, we could all use a little help styling-wise. We want to go as heat-free as possible, because truth be told, who wants to turn on a blowdryer in a heatwave? In terms of beauty, we are creatures of minimalism. We don’t want a million products or a complicated routine thrown at us. Enter Leo Izquierdo, Co-founder of IGK Hair Care. We plugged the hair guru with all of our questions and he seriously delivered. Read below for his tips; every day can be a good hair day this season…

How can you protect your hair from the sun?

The sun can damage and dry out your hair. First, prevent the damage by using products with UV protectors. Then, make sure you’re rehydrating your hair. 

What ingredients should we look for in summer haircare products?

UV protectants and weightless conditioners are your new go-to’s; you want to hydrate your hair without feeling weighed down. Coconut Oil is great for this, it’s a weightless formula that conditions, nourishes, and strengthens hair. Coconut Oil is also perfect for summer because it dries so well and gives hair that sexy tousled texture with shine.

What ingredients in products should we avoid?

Avoid any ingredients that will dry out your hair more, such as sodiums. A lot of sea salt sprays give texture, but dry out hair in the summer sun, heat and wind.

Can you tell us an easy go-to style for summer barbecues? Rooftop parties? First dates?

Do a braid on your wet hair with a UV protector and use a Styling Primer to lightly moisturize.

Is there are way to air dry hair without looking frizzy?

Yes, coconut oil is perfect for this; it gives texture and hold but the weightless conditioners keep hair shiny, healthy-looking and minimize frizz.

How can we protect our hair from pool water? Ocean water?

Salt water creates texture, volume and body, but it’s not good for the health of your hair. Salt plus wind creates dryness, which leads to breakage so make sure to rinse your hair right away after the beach.

How can we get rid of hat hair?

Add back volume with a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo. Spray the roots with Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo to absorb oil, and spray Down & Out Dirty Spray from mid-lengths to ends to add grip and texture for an all-over tousled undone look.

How many times a week should we actually be washing our hair?

It depends on your hair type, texture and your activity level. The most important thing is to be sure your hair is healthy and hydrated. If you are skipping a wash, use a dry shampoo to keep hair looking fresh and style lasting longer.

What’s your favorite hair trend for summer 2017?

A bob feels really liberating and exudes confidence. Also, it doesn’t require straight strands; just make sure to get a cut that works with the natural curl. It’s perfect for summer because, with the right cut, it should be very air dry friendly. Bangs are still on trend, and we are loving the shag fringe because its more low maintenance and gives beautiful shape to the face. They can also be styled curly and natural – not as polished and buttoned up as before.

What do you recommend for the woman who is addicted to heat styling/will sacrifice anything for her blowout? 

Use a hair mask on the days you take your heat tool break, so your hair reaps all the benefits of the intense hydration. 

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