Chloe Coscarelli’s Morning Routine

Health, it’s no mystery. Just like every other aspect of our lives these days, the wellness space has become crowded with too much content and information. We, in partnership with Tropicana, decided to bring it back to the basics.

We asked a few of our favorite tastemakers “What’s your glass of OJ,” in other words, what’s your morning routine? Kicking off the day in a healthy, mindful way may be far more simple than you thought. Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli has been a longtime favorite of ours; she has redefined veganism as something hip and approachable. Think millennial pink cupcakes and delicious green juices; she makes us want to actually eat our greens, which is no easy task. 


Being an entrepreneur, every day is totally different, which means my morning routine changes up quite a bit. If I have a shoot or an early meeting, I’ll fly straight out the door and do my makeup on the subway. My favorite makeup essential is Park Avenue Princess Bronzer from Tarte. It’s totally vegan and cruelty-free, and gives me a vibrant glow even on the days that I feel like a zombie. If I don’t have anything until later or I’m working on a deadline at home, I’ll get in some comfy yoga clothes and enjoy my morning. I love waking up in the morning because I actually hate sleeping. I know, I know, who hates sleeping? I’m pretty focused on my work that I find sleeping to be just kind of a bother and an interruption to my creative process, so I usually sleep as little as I possibly can.



For me, exercise is an essential part of a mindful morning and healthful lifestyle. My favorite classes are 305 Fitness, SoulCycle, or any type of yoga. Fitness classes help me with de-stressing because I don’t have to think. But I don’t beat myself up if I can’t get to a class or the gym for a few days. I’ll just do some easy yoga poses at home to get my blood flowing before I start my day.

My boyfriend recently moved in with me, and he wakes up really hungry. I used to just grab an apple or some granola in the morning, but now that we live together, I’ve started making elaborate massive brunch-like breakfasts on weekdays. It’s fun to experiment with different versions of vegan pancakes, waffles, smoothies, and French toast. My favorite recipes are the ones that teeter right on the border between dessert and breakfast.



I’m not a coffee person (except in desserts) so I will make myself a cup of matcha with a little bit of almond milk, cinnamon, and a splash of pure maple syrup for sweetness. I’m too lazy to use the matcha whisk so I usually just blend it in a Vitamix, which is a quick way to make it completely smooth.



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