What’s In Your Toothpaste?

To say we’re obsessed with celebrity morning routines would be, well, an understatement. We ask each tastemaker how they start their day, grilling them on everything from what products they use to their go-to breakfast options. After talking to the harbingers of almost every industry, we feel pretty confident in saying we’ve seen (and written about) the best of the best. A trend we’ve noticed? Almost everyone leaves out their toothpaste, despite it being a major part of our personal beauty routines. For minimalists like us, choosing the right toothpaste is incredibly important. Our current obsession is JĀSÖN Simply Coconut toothpaste. It keeps our smiles white and truly helps us achieve beauty from the inside out. For us, health always comes first, but not at the expense of efficiency and results.

Our personal morning routines usually look a little something like this: wake up, stumble toward the Nespresso for our requisite “pre-coffee” (a term we picked up from Ari Graynor), take out the dog, make another coffee, read through our emails, realize we spent too much time on Instagram, then rush to get ready for work. The one step we make sure never to forget, no matter how busy we are? Brushing our teeth with JĀSÖN Simply Coconut toothpaste. We love JĀSÖN’s Simply Coconut’s natural wholesome ingredients and know they’ll keep our teeth healthy, without damaging the environment with microbeads or adding harmful chemicals to their formulas.

Potatoheads, you know how obsessed we are with coconut oil; seriously, we use it in everything from hair masks to exfoliating scrubs to salad dressing. Coconut oil may be super trendy, but it’s no passing wellness fad. It’s here to stay, and for good reason. Coconut oil is naturally good at cleansing, without stripping away our tooth enamel or good bacteria. It’s one of the core ingredients in JĀSÖN Simply Coconut toothpaste, as the name suggests. Using coconut oil in our toothpaste every morning helps us feel a little closer to nature each day, like we’re making better, cleaner choices for our body.

We’ve talked about coconut oil pulling here before, and while it works for so many people, it just doesn’t for us. Seriously, who has fifteen spare minutes to gargle coconut oil? We can reap the same cleansing and detoxifying benefits just by brushing with JĀSÖN’s Simply Coconut toothpaste. It fits perfectly into our lifestyle because, while we value our health, we aren’t the types for extremes like making our own soap or giving up croissants just because we’re cutting down on gluten one week. We’re all about balance, and JĀSÖN understands that.

Let’s talk about what’s really going into your toothpaste. Unless you’ve already made the switch to a clean toothpaste, you’re putting plastics and fluoride onto your teeth and into your body every day. Sure, they can make enamel stronger and whiten teeth, but they also irritate your gums and cause inflammation. It’s time for a wake-up call: your toothpaste is probably, at worst, making you sick and, at best, doing harm to the environment. You know that parabens are damaging to your hair’s health and you avoid processed foods because they’re inflammatory, so why are you still using toothpaste that does the same things?

And now to get to the question we’re sure you’ve all been wondering: does it work? As serious coffee-addicts with a red wine habit, we need our toothpaste to erase the damage we do to our teeth on a daily basis. We’re happy to report that JĀSÖN’s Simply Coconut Toothpaste in Coconut Mint is particularly effective at getting rid of coffee breath, and maybe we’re being idealistic, but we swear our teeth are looking whiter and shinier since making the switch to a cleaner toothpaste.

Listen, Potatoheads, we’re busy women, but we still make time to check the ingredient lists. It’s time we start thinking seriously about what we’re putting into our bodies and into the environment. Fluoride or microbeads in our mouth? No, thanks. We’re embracing clean products, without being too earthy-crunchy. JĀSÖN Simply Coconut toothpastes are the perfect fit for our busy schedules because their ingredients are easy to understand, and we trust that they’re working as hard as we are. Find them at your local Whole Foods Market!

*Sponsored by JĀSÖN Simply Coconut.