Health, It’s No Mystery

There seems to be an endless amount of confusion in figuring out what we should actually be eating, how much sleep really need, how often we should be exercising, and what products we need to keep us healthy. To say we’re inundated with complex wellness and dietary information would be a grand understatement. When did everything get so complicated? Why does coffee need coconut oil or collagen peptides? What ever happened to a simple glass of orange juice?

We miss the days when you could order a coffee without someone telling you the negative effects of caffeine, or when menus weren’t riddled with phrases like “gluten-free pasta available.” We know there has to be another way.

That’s why we partnered with Tropicana to strip down the wellness world and unveil easy and nutritious tips that anyone can follow. Our ethos is eat and drink simple, nutritious foods that make you feel good. Trust us, being healthy doesn’t need to be so unbearably complicated. You don’t need to be on a super strict diet, spend an exorbitant amount of money, put yourself on a liquid cleanse or follow every wellness fad to be healthy. Tropicana makes wellness simple; their 100% orange juice provides an easy way to get in a number of vitamins and nutrients. No added sugar, no preservatives, no water. Just orange juice. It sounds revolutionary, we know, but really, it’s simple.

Their juices are just as good as you remember: the right sweetness without any added sugar, never from concentrate, squeezed from fresh-picked oranges. Their process inspired us to get back to the basics. We sat down with some of our favorite tastemakers, restaurateurs and nutritionists to find out some of their simple, straight forward ways of staying healthy. Stay tuned for those interviews and a series of videos, rolling out this summer. Spoiler: you don’t need to make things complicated for them to be both healthy and delicious. It’s no mystery; in fact, it’s as simple as pouring a glass of OJ.


*Sponsored by Tropicana