Which Workouts Are Alkaline?

From Dr. Daryl Gioffre

This is the best time of year to take advantage of the weather and get alkaline while working out.

You see, in the same way that eating a donut or ice cream will increase acid – acid that your body has to fight in order to maintain its constant pH of 7.4 – your favorite exercise might do the same if you aren’t careful.

But that’s okay! If you enjoy high-intensity exercise (like spinning, cross fit, or HIIT) that increases acid, go for it. You just have to know how to neutralize the acid before and after your workout so that you don’t sabotage your workout.

Here’s my favorite daily workout routine for summer that’s sure to fight acid.

Rise and Shine

First thing in the morning, I drink Alkamind Daily Greens for a mega-dose of vitamins and minerals from organic leafy greens. That gives me the energy I need to power through my morning workout and the rest of my day.

Then I get on my rebounder for about 15 to 20 minutes of exercise. It gets my heart rate up and blood pumping. If you’re not familiar with the rebounder, it’s a mini trampoline.

NASA did a study and showed that the rebounder is 68% more effective as a cardiovascular exercise and for weight loss when compared to running. So the rebounder, hands down is the best investment of your time when it comes to working out.  And perhaps the best part – it can be done in the confinements of your own home!

If you prefer exercise that really gets you moving, trampoline fitness might be perfect for you. Classes on rebounders and at trampoline parks are springing up all over the country, so be on the lookout for jumping fitness options in your area.

You don’t need to take a class unless you want to though. A mini trampoline fits in even a small apartment for a minimal investment. I start with small bounces as a warm up, and increase the size and speed of my jumps over time, adding in jumping jacks, jogging in place, and scissor kicks to my routine.

Here’s why this is a great way to start your day… The act of jumping up and down is like a massage for your cells, essentially squeezing out the toxins from your tissue and flushing the lymphatic system.

Don’t think your cells need a massage? The lymphatic system, which runs throughout the body just like the circulatory system, doesn’t have a mechanism like the heart to move lymph around. Jumping gets it moving to prevent sluggish buildup of toxins and acids.

The rebounder is the most powerful exercise to keep cells healthy. Healthy cells mean a healthy body! This exercise increases circulation and metabolism, aids in fat burning, and is much more fun than your average workout.

Evening Workout

Did you think I was done after 15 minutes on the rebounder? No way! I try to get my main workout in after I finish up my workday, which helps me unwind, de-stress (because stress is another acid builder) and shift gears.

Most days in the summer, I run outside starting with a 10-minute walk to warm up followed by a 45-minute run.

My other favorite in the summer is swimming. Another great aerobic workout, swimming is low-impact and amazing for staying in shape. It also works wonders on your lungs. Your body learns to use oxygen more efficiently, breathing in more fresh air and breathing out more carbon dioxide. And deep breathing is one of the best ways to fight acid.

Whatever form of exercise you choose – whether it’s as intense as spinning or as gentle as yoga – you just need to compensate for any lactic acid you’re building up in your muscles while you enjoy your workout.

Here’s the rule of thumb I go by… If you can hold a conversation while working out, you’re getting alkaline. If you can’t, you’re getting more acidic.

The production of that lactic acid starts increasing at about 75 to 85 percent of your aerobic capacity, which means the moment in your workout when you feel you’re pushing it as far as your body can go, that acid starts accumulating more. 

So on days when I run, I follow it up with Alkamind Daily Minerals to replenish the electrolytes and minerals I lost while working up a sweat. It delivers the benefits of a sports drink without all the sugar and other chemicals.  This is the most important drink/supplement you can do to support your post workout recovery.

If you start your day with vitamins and minerals and a way to get your heart and lymphatic system pumping, and end your day with a good workout followed up by replenishing minerals, you’ll notice a real boost in your energy levels this summer.  And at the end of the day, health equals energy!

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