Actress Alison Brie

Alison Brie stole our hearts on Community, and we’re pretty sure she’s about to do it again on GLOW (premiering June 23 on Netflix). To say we’re excited to watch her new show would be an understatement. Female wrestlers in 80’s clothes and makeup? Yes, please. We sat down with Brie in an amazing suite at the New York Ritz-Carlton to talk about everything from the best restaurants in Paris, which five guests she’d have at her dream dinner, and of course the funniest thing that happened on the set. Read below for the full interview; it’s the perfect read to kick off your week…


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I’d start my day with my usual apple with almond butter and white tea, then have a post-workout protein shake made with protein powder, spinach, and a scoop of coconut oil. Then I’d head to Go Get Em Tiger in LA for midday soft scrambled eggs with avocado and toast. For dinner, I’d have a hearty quinoa bowl with pan-seared salmon and a mix of roasted veggies topped with plenty of Sriracha, home-cooked by me.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I try to get in some kind of physical activity everyday, or at least six days a week, but I vary the activity based on how I’m feeling. I’m always trying to learn to listen to my body more and know when it’s time to rest or to stretch it out in Yoga. I used to practice Yoga very regularly and after a bit of a break I’ve been getting back to it. It’s so important to give my body a chance to stretch out while at the same time giving my mind a quiet space to unwind.

How do you always start your day? What’s your go-to breakfast?

I have an apple with almond butter everyday for breakfast and a cup of Ambrosia white tea from American Tea Room. I love loose leaf teas, especially since I don’t drink coffee.


What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

In the mornings I splash cold water on my face and give it a couple spritzes of Caudalie’s beauty elixir. I don’t fully wash my face until after I’ve worked out. Then I use Image Skincare The Max cleanser and follow up with Visual Changes Ultra Protection SPF 30 lotion. I never go a day without sunscreen. At night I usually start by wiping off the day’s makeup with Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water. Then I cleanse with The Max again, always using a warm wash cloth to exfoliate and make sure I get all my makeup off. I’ll sometimes use my Clarisonic as well for exfoliating. After that, I use a retinol by Esthetic Underground, then Visual Changes Retexture Crème, and Osmotics Renovage eye cream. Osmotics really makes the best eye cream! The one I use is for fine lines but they have others that target dark circles etc. That’s a product I’ve been using consistently for years.

We can’t wait to watch GLOW – how did you physically prep for the role?

It was really fun to prepare for this show! We did about four and a half weeks of wrestling training with our wrestling coach, Chavo Guerrero Jr., our stunt coordinator Shauna Duggins and my stunt double on the show Helena Barrett. It was so awesome. Chavo was really patient with all of us, making sure we really did all the groundwork on form before moving into attempting bigger moves like body slams. At the same time, I stepped up my training routine with my personal trainer, Jason Walsh at Rise Movement. We did a lot of really heavy lifting, focusing on things like dead lifts, hip thrusts, lunges, Bulgarian splits squats. We also really worked on pull-ups, of which I’m the most proud. I really wanted to build my strength to better execute the wrestling moves and that’s exactly what we did.



What is always in your handbag? What beauty products can’t you live without?

At any given time I have a minimum of four lipsticks in my handbag and probably about two chapsticks. Some of my favorite lipsticks are Charlotte Tilbury ‘red carpet red’, Laura Mercier ‘French kiss’, Maybelline ‘electric orange’ and my go-to, Fresh’s SUGAR lip balm in ‘coral’. I’ve been trying to use a smaller purse these days so it’s basically lipstick and Tatcha blotting sheets that I carry daily. The two makeup products I absolutely can’t live without are hands down my Troy Surratt brow pencil and my Color Science mineral corrector palette, which is a mineral-based pressed powder concealer. I use them everyday. Often, they’re the only things I’ll use in a day.

What have you learned from your character, Ruth, thus far?

Less is more. Ruth wears no makeup unless she’s in character in the ring. Actually the only things my makeup artist, Lana Horochowski, would do daily was fill in my eyebrows a bit (for that bushy 80’s look) and use a little Color Science…noticing a pattern? But it was very freeing to not be wearing anything on my skin and I could feel myself begin to care less about how I looked; more than not caring, I think I began to appreciate and enjoy the way I looked without makeup, and that was a great feeling.



How do you get into character?

Quietly. I think a lot about who the character is and why she is that way, why she makes the choices she makes. I also focus a lot on a character’s physicality. How does she move, stand, speak? This came easily with Ruth because of all the work I was doing to physically prepare for the role. I wanted Ruth’s body to be a bit different than my own. By the time we started shooting I had increased my muscle mass a lot and that changed how I moved.

Any fun stories you can share with us from the set?

Something we all found funny, but came to appreciate, is a little product called Summer’s Eve feminine spray. One of our trainers had brought it in as a joke, because, as we all quickly learned, there are many moves in wrestling where your nether region is quite literally pressed against your partner’s face. We all died laughing but within a week most of us were using it “just in case.”


Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

I love to travel up the coast to Big Sur. It’s the most peaceful place on earth. I also always love coming to New York. I’ve had some of my best nights here. I never travel without my Caudalie beauty elixir. I have a travel size as well to use during or after a long flight. When traveling for press I always bring my ZIIP with me. It’s a nano current device that uses electrical current to zap bacteria and promote the production of collagen in your skin, basically making your skin look amazing. I love it. I use it before events, or if I feel a blemish coming on, and sometimes just because.

What advice would you give to girls looking to enter the acting industry?

Find your strengths and believe in them. This industry has the ability to make everyone doubt themselves, or lose themselves while trying to be what others want them to be. What makes you shine are the things that are unique to you. Trust yourself. Make strong choices and stand by them.

What’s always in your fridge?

Apples, almond butter, spinach, Greek yogurt, olives.


What one issue are you particularly passionate about right now? Why?

Planned Parenthood. It’s a vital resource for women in this country. Women need and deserve the right to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

New York is the greatest city for food. I never come here without going to Uncle Boons in Nolita. It is my number one. I love Lilia in Brooklyn. I love The Smile and Two Hands, for brunch especially. Paris is another great city for food, of course. I’ve had the pleasure of falling in love over some amazing meals in Paris that I’ll never forget. One of those meals was at Pétrelle, the coziest of restaurants, with delicious food and a cat that wonders around the restaurant just chilling, a detail I very much enjoyed. I also love Ellsworth, Septime la Cave, Septime and Clamato’s small wine bar used for restaurant overflow really, but a spot that I visited more than once for tasty wine and snacks. I love Breizh Cafe; their crepes to die for.


What are five fashion items you’re coveting right now?

I’ve definitely been coveting those Rihanna bow slide sandals for PUMA; they sold out so quickly! I’m always on the lookout for a good high waisted jean short and some good summer dresses – but I’m not into the current cold-shoulder trend so it’s been tricky.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead who would you have over? And what would you serve?

This question gets a lot of real heady answers but I’m going to base mine purely on the spirit of having fun. I would invite Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers, Truman Capote, Jay Z, and Duane “The Rock” Johnson. I’d serve very strong, very dirty martinis, cheese plates and charcuterie, maybe a little smoked salmon. We’d all have a boozy, gossipy, grand ole time.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato right now? 

I think binge-watching is the new potato, in terms of how people enjoy consuming content right now, and streaming series’ are the main course. So I hope people are ready to dig into GLOW.


*Alison Brie, photographed at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park by Danielle Kosann. Alison wear a RED Valentino dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. 

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