6 Hydrating Fruits

Scroll through above for our favorite fruits!

Fruit is one of our favorite natural forms of sugar. It’s a way to eat clean and eat healthy while also not being too drab with our taste palettes. We’ll admit it; we get bored with greens after awhile. Sometimes we need those apples lightening up our salad, and biting into a mango can be almost as delicious as biting into a chocolate cookie (that’s how it goes for us at least). There are health lies we tell ourselves such as “this piece of celery is just as satisfying s as that Momofuku Milk Bar crack pie because it’s doing my body good,” but then there are also healthy choices we make – like fruit – that are truer and easier. Our go-to nutritionist Mikaela Reuben gave us six miracle fruits above, and just what makes them so miraculous when it comes to our systems…

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