How To Travel Stress-Free

From Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and Crystal Expert/Holistic Healer and co-author of the upcoming book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You

With the number of airlines making headlines these days, stress-free travel sounds like an oxymoron. The anxiety of missing a flight, losing your luggage, the line for security, not having enough space for your carry-on or spending hours cramped next to a stranger almost makes you miss the days when the only thing that made you nervous about flying was flying itself. So how, in a time when traveling is more anxiety packed than ever, can you find a wellness-inspired zen on the go?

Rather than having to stay huddled by an electrical outlet while you distract yourself with your chosen tech device, why not charge yourself with crystals. Employ the positive vibes of crystals to lift your energy and bolster your spirit with some much-needed patience. Traveling with a bag of rocks could be a bit out there for some, but then again, we need all the help we can get. While those uncomfortable airport chairs might have your lower-back longing for alignment, at least with crystals, you can find mental and spiritual alignment wherever you are. Packing a few choice stones in your purse may seem like an odd choice to the TSA, but these touchstones will be sanity-savers when unpredicted hiccups try to test your travel nerves.


Everyone travels with some type of electronic device. This makes airports, where people are all crowded together using their devices, hotspots for electromagnetic energy. After getting X-rayed, you want to limit the free radicals around you as much as possible. Shungite, a black, carbon-dense stone, has been shown to neutralize electromagnetic energy. This keeps free radicals from attaching to your aura and energetic field. Wear a piece as a necklace, or keep one in your pocket to have its protection close to the body. 


Who couldn’t use a little luck while traveling? While Amethyst won’t guarantee that you’ll get bumped up to first class, it can insert its positive influence in unexpected ways. As it protects you from negative energy, amethyst raises your intuition so that you can recognize and accept good fortune. Amethyst is one of the most adapt stress relievers in the crystal kingdom, so traveling with one is a must. Meditate with amethyst before embarking on your trip, and then continue this practice each morning that you are gone.


Travel is stressful enough on its own, but sometimes traveling with a significant other can test the relationship. That’s where Rhodonite can act as a buffer. Use it to balance heightened emotions. It will nurture both you and your partner with its energy of selfless love. Rhodonite elevates perspectives and allows those connected to its energy to see situations from both sides. To cut down on travel bickering, carry rhodonite close, and keep it on the dresser by where you sleep once you get to your destination.   


As the stone of destiny, Labradorite is the one you want with you when need everything to go as planned. Labradorite manifests intentions, and has the ability to help align you with the synchronicity of events. By enhancing your intuition, labradorite will assist you in the quick decision making that traveling often requires. Carry it in your purse for the duration of your travels.


This is the ultimate traveler’s stone. Grasp it tight when you need a dose of calming vibes. Known to protect travelers, especially those traveling over water, Moonstone will use its positive energy to uplift your spirit and keep you from feeling defeated along the way. If you are traveling with luggage, place a piece of moonstone in your checked bag to ensure that it doesn’t get lost.


If you tend to be a nervous flyer, Malachite is your ideal stone to have in hand. Malachite is known for its ability to lend wisdom, so tapping into the energy of this crystal will be helping in all areas of travel. An added bonus of malachite is also that as a stone of change and transformation, it’s known to ease the effect that time change has on your jet lag. 

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