The Best Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

From Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and Crystal Expert/Holistic Healer and co-author of the upcoming book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You

Crystals are a popular trend in home decor now, but they were trending long before “trending” was even a term. The connection between crystals and humans runs deep in our timeline, back to the days of ancient Egypt, China, and Rome. Many indigenous cultures from around the world had their own unique beliefs about the powers of crystals. As we learn more about the vibrations of crystals and why they make such great energy conduits in our tech devices, our minds are able to better understand what ancient humans understood so innately.

Healing crystals help you get connected with and grounded into the nurturing energy of Mother Earth, and astrology aligns you with the mystical and ever-changing movement of the cosmos. When you bring the two together, a journey of self-discovery begins. Working with a crystal that is aligned with your astrological sign acts as an energy source helping you to tap into your gifts and hidden powers.


Aquarius-born visionaries always seem to have a silver lining solution to their problems. Their imagination often leads to innovation, but it can also leave the Aquarius with their head in the clouds. Bridge the gap between mind and body with an Amethyst crystal. Having an amethyst in the bedroom will help harmonize thought and intuition, and allow for equal parts optimism and pragmatism when dreaming up new ideas.


Even the fiercest Aries trailblazer can suffer from self-doubt. Instead of letting negative thoughts hold you back, cut off that dead weight with Carnelian. The confidence with which carnelian infuses you will encourage you to be assertive and speak your truth, but with calm measure instead of explosive fervor. Use Carnelian as your touchstone, and carry it with you daily for a dose of courage that’s never out of reach.


These nurturing souls are resourceful when comforting others, but when Cancers are in need themselves, they tend to close off. Red jasper helps you to come out of your shell. Though your inclination may be to give too much, red jasper will ground you so that you can remember to take time for yourself. Pop a Red Jasper stone in your bra to keep it close to your heart for protection all day long.


Capricorns don’t need anyone telling them to get to work. These ambitious go-getters are known to light the proverbial fire under their own behinds. But in those moments when they feel their effort is in vain, or is simply not producing effects as quickly as they’d hoped, garnet can ease the Capricorn’s anxiety while stimulating an increase of energy within the body. Find your pulse on your wrist, and place your Garnet stone on top of that point. Hold it there for 3 minutes to ignite chi, action and motivation.


Talkative, playful and always down to go with the flow, Gemini may exhibit a lot of personality types, but they are all sure to be fun. To connect the many dimensions of a faceted personality, use a Labradorite plate. You can activate your water or jewelry with the uniting energy of Labradorite by placing them atop the plate, or use the plate to manifest intentions by writing on paper and setting them on the stone.


Just as there is no challenge too great for the creative and regal Leo to master, there is no problem too small for a dramatic display. Using Pyrite will align your energy with the sun so that you can shine bright, and leave the drama in the shadows. Place a piece of pyrite on your desk to enhance your confidence and cooperation at work.


Part of Libra’s artistry is how they can act as peacemaker between even the fiercest enemies. To enhance that natural diplomatic ability, use Sodalite. It will help you to communicate with wisdom and authenticity, and guide you toward solid decisions. Placing Sodalite on the dining room table will create harmony within the home.


Pisces are healers, dreamers and mystics. They need a crystal with an energy as soothing as their own. That’s why Aquamarine, a stone which radiates beautiful, calming vibes is so ideal for the Pisces. Place a piece in your bath water to align with your watery nature.


When you’re a Sagittarius, home is where the adventure is. Keep that wanderlust alive with dendritic agate. Dendritic agate has a unique connection to Earth’s energy, and will ground you in your free-spirited intuition.


Scorpio’s have big dreams and the magnetism to draw them into realities. To increase your ability to manifest, enlist the power of Citrine. As the ultimate manifester stone, citrine will help you not only to attract abundance where you need it, but also to counter balance your natural intensity with a calm focus. With citrine, you’ll think it, visualize it, and make it a reality. Place a Citrine point on your altar, office desk or kitchen windowsill.


As a cultivator, the Taurus’ steadfast resolve helps them to bring about peace and love in their life. To help you maintain all that you have accumulated, used petrified wood. Placing the grounded energy of Petrified Wood somewhere in the kitchen will enrich the meals you create with heart-filled gratitude.


Elevate your Virgo, humanitarian tendencies by connecting to the wisdom of nature. Just as nature provides for us, you enjoy providing to those in need. Green Apophyllite brings you back to your most natural, giving essence. Place it next to a houseplant or a vase of flowers to bring the energy of nature and life into your home.

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