5 Ways To Lose Water Weight

Scroll through the slideshow above for 5 ways to lose water weight!

From Lauryn Evarts, Skinny Confidential 

Hi everyone! It’s Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential and today we’re going to talk about something ALL women can relate to: excess water weight (aka bloating). It’s bikini season, you’ve been dieting and hitting the gym HARD. You throw on your suit, you’re ready for the beach and BAM, you feel like you’ve gained ten pounds over night. UGH. The worst, right?

It’s called BLOATING – we’ve all been there. Bloating is caused by a variety of different reasons: foods, habits, alcohol, lack of activity, fatigue, even the weather, but here’s the deal: YOU DON’T have to be a victim of annoying water retention. Since excess water weight is caused by a variety of different factors, there are also a ton of ways to fight it. Scroll through the slides above for eight tips for reducing water weight.

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