How To Write A Thank You Note

Our social calendar is absurdly full. Between graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, baby showers, dinner parties, and Memorial Day – we’re left with barely any time to think, let alone write thank you notes. We know that thanking our friends and family is important but um, confession time: we don’t exactly know how to write a proper thank you. It’s a skill that has long evaded us, but we’re ready to learn. That’s where Minted’s Mariam Naficy comes in. As the innovator behind Minted, she knows how to navigate tricky social situations. Read her tips below; they’re a must for all you grads out there…

1. Hand-write it. There’s something very personal about a handwritten note. I get a tingle of excitement whenever I find a hand-addressed envelope mixed in my mailbox. In this age of fast-and-furious, always-on communications, a handwritten note really stands out: it tells the recipient how much you value the relationship.

After all, sending a handwritten note takes more time and effort than dashing off a text or email. And that handwritten note can serve as a keepsake, too. Don’t we all have a box or drawer that holds treasured handwritten memories? That’s why I believe handwritten notes will never go out of style.

2. Make it an expression of yourself. My favorite way to personalize is by including a personal picture [one with the recipient, of the recipient, from the event, etc.] to add to the envelope.

3. Mention personal details. I have loved receiving personal thank you notes from Irv Grousbeck, the renowned entrepreneurship professor at Stanford’s business school, for speaking in his class as a guest. What I like about them is that he always adds something personal to make me feel special, for example a special mention of my son, who has attended these classes with me.

4. Don’t be traditional. I like to leave a thank you note on someone’s desk at work, or send a thank you note to someone outside Minted who has inspired me or helped me. Go beyond just graduation or holiday thank-you’s.

5. Send it promptly. Here is a general breakdown for thank-you card timeline’s:

  • For weddings: Send within 3 months after the wedding. For gifts received before the wedding, send a thank you within 2 weeks.
  • For holidays: Send within 1 month
  • For birthdays: Send within 2 – 3 weeks of the celebration
  • For graduations: Send within 1 month of the party/whenever the graduation was celebrated
  • For meetings/dinners/events: Send within 1 week or as close to the event as possible

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