The Best Natural Beauty Products

From Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes

I’ve always believed in a use less, love more approach to beauty (and life), which stems from the belief that when you understand your products, the people behind them the benefits of the ingredients, how they are made and why they work for you, you enjoy them more.

After spending years as a spa director (trying out thousands of products), I ultimately became passionate about natural, clean beauty products from brands with an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, ingredient purity and unparalleled quality (along the way instituting a new standard of excellence and transparency in the industry). I created Beauty Heroes with that use less, love more mentality, with the goal of fostering a connection to your products by presenting beauty in an intentional way, focusing on one product and one brand at a time, and the people behind that brand.

In recent years, there’s been a big shift from consumers wanting quality over quantity in so many aspects of life – including in your home and closet. I’m very inspired by that philosophy and want to translate that same belief in quality over quantity to beauty. Beauty Heroes monthly delivery service really slows down the discovery process and introduces clean beauty through an intentional and educated process (helping you find one ‘hero product’ at a time), and our online shop is a highly curated beauty store with only the best in natural beauty (with a very well-defined, strict ingredient standard you can read more about here).

With decades of research, there are five key things I’ve learned in my search for healthy living and clean beauty:

  1. It is much cheaper to manufacture products with the synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals that are prevalent in our beauty products, which the primary reason we still see them being used.
  2. Just like the chemicals in the food we grow and eat, once cosmetic ingredients are introduced into the environment, they don’t just wash down the drain and become invisible ether. They go into our waterways and can be bio-accumulative, making their way into our oceans, rivers, lakes, and the lifeforms within them. 
  3. Many healthy beauty brands are more than non-toxic, they’re good for you. Often, when you replace products that contain ingredients that are harmful, you discover new products with ingredients that contribute to your health. Making this one lifestyle change can have long-lasting effects on how well you age
  4. Toxic ingredients cause a whole host of health problems, and there is nothing beautiful about that. Documentaries like Stink! or The Human Experiment further explore this if you want to see for yourself.
  5. Healthy beauty products are now widely available – and it’s better than ever. We’ve come such a long way, and there are now beauty brands that cater to all demographics and price points. I’ve made it my personal and professional mission to shine a spotlight on them so they are easy to find.

There are so many super-effective, clean beauty products on the market these days – here are a few of my favorites:

The Super Couple from Maya Chia

One of the qualities I look for in a Hero product is formula innovation, and The Super Couple delivers just that with a combination of superfood wonder chia seed oil with antioxidant powerhouse astaxanthan from red algae (which gives the reddish tone to the oil). Together this combination delivers the healthy glow we are all looking for as it feeds the skin with essential fatty acids, repairs sun damage and protects skin from environmental stressors. The high quality of the chia seed oil allows this oil to quickly sink right into the skin, and the jasmine aroma makes you crave it.

Treate Gentle Cleansing Emulsion from In Fiore

Treate is one of the most versatile cleansers I’ve ever used.  It breaks up and removes makeup, detoxifies and softens skin all at once. It has the most luxurious, creamy consistency and a signature In Fiore aroma that make it irresistible. And I love that it rinses clean and is just so easy to use.

The Petal Beauty Mask from Mahalo Skincare

Masking is one of my very favorite beauty rituals, and The Petal is so gentle that it is one of the few masks that you can use as often as you like. It’s a sure-fire, glow-getting treatment that can be healthy-skin habit forming.

Healing Balm from Laurel Whole Plant Organics

There’s really nothing this balm can’t do. Laurel’s Healing Balm seems to be the answer to every skin problem.  I use this on my entire family – on cuts, scrapes, everything. But it also works as an incredible redness reducer and healing balm on my face.  I can’t say enough about this pot of superpowers that packs a punch.

Purely Simple Face Cream from Osmia Organics

Don’t let the name fool you – there is nothing simple about formulating a good cream without a bunch of yucky ingredients. This is one of the very best face creams ever made, pure and simple. This cream is amazing for most all skin types (including sensitive skin) and is loved by men and teens as well.

Aloha Youth Serum from Honua Skincare

This is an amazing daytime face serum.  I love oils, but I can’t wear a lot of oil during the day, so this milky emulsion face serum is my daytime hero. It has a feather-light consistency and has firming hibiscus, brightening turmeric, balancing tamanu, hydrating aloe vera and the most amazing scent of ylang ylang.  I’m completely addicted to this serum.

Mask Brush + Bowl from LILFOX

I can’t live without this beauty accessory set. LILFOX has several masks that I love using with it, but this set is frequently being used on my bathroom vanity. I believe that everyone should have their own beauty mask bowl and brush set – once you have them, you won’t believe how much you’ll use them.

Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil from UMA Oils

I have oily hair, so most hair oils just don’t work for me. Unlike most oil treatments, you only use six or seven drops of UMA’s Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil to add shine, repair and strengthen and calm frizz. It’s the best hair oil I’ve ever used.

Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub from Red Flower

This scrub is my original Hero product. I have yet to find a body scrub that matches this one.  The soft bamboo fibers exfoliate without any abrasive scratchiness that I experience with salt and sugar scrubs. Plus it doesn’t dissolve under water like salt and sugar, so I just rinse it off when I’m done scrubbing. And there’s nothing like the crisp, clean ‘Gingergrass’ scent.

Circle of Protection Body Oil from max and me

Circle of Protection raises the bar on body oils. It’s made with highly vibrant botanicals, which means that the plants that were harvested were the highest quality. The result is oils that transform the skin on contact and impart the most gorgeous glow and aroma. This body oil is actually this month’s Beauty Discovery from Beauty Heroes because it’s such a favorite.

Hair Spray from Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook squashes the perception that you need silicones, aerosols and fragrance to make hair spray. This is the best hair spray I have ever used.

Lip Stain from Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics is the NARS of natural makeup, and they outdid themselves when they formulated this Lip Stain with eco-cert pigments, organic raspberry extract and palm done right palm oil.  The result is a lip stain that meets the USDA Organic standards and that performs.

Stratus Soft-Focus Instant Skin Perfector from Vapour Organic Beauty

I knew I was on to something when I started testing Stratus and received one compliment after another on my skin. Stratus is a makeup primer that evens out skin tone, and smoothes the appearance of lines and skin imperfection using light-reflecting minerals. Just a thin layer does the trick, and I wear it on its own on no-makeup days or under makeup. I never leave home without wearing it.

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