The Ultimate Holistic Morning Ritual

From Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and Crystal Expert/Holistic Healer and co-author of the upcoming book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of day. A wonderful question to ask yourself each morning is: Do I want to create my day, or, do I want my day to create me? It all starts with your mindset. A small investment of 11 minutes each morning can bring clarity, peace and a feeling of centeredness to your day. Having enough days that are marked with these mindful attributes will add up, and you’ll soon find that you have greater contentment in life than you did before you began this morning ritual. While changing your perspective on mornings—arguably not many people’s favorite part of the day—may seem like an immense task, a daily ritual to set your mind and environment up for success is easy to do in 5 simple steps.

1. Create an altar to hold your intentions
Choose a prominent place in your home, one that you see on a regular basis, for an altar to reside. An altar is simply a special, sacred place where you keep your collection of healing crystals, spiritual items or anything else that feels uplifting, inspiring and just good. Make sure to build your altar on a raised surface—placing it on the floor would be symbolic of putting your intentions on the floor. It can be an entire room, a corner of a room, a small table, a top of a dresser or a designated shelf in your bookshelf. Place each item intentionally, so that it holds the space and energy for you. Taking the time and energy to create and maintain your altar, and seeing it on a daily basis, programs your mind with the importance and significance that this space holds for you.

2. Sage your altar and your space
To keep the energy on your altar and in your home positive and purified, give it a thorough sage cleansing. Sage is one of the oldest and most well known herbs for cleansing your space. Using a sage smudge stick is simple! Simply light the tip of the sage stick, let it burn for a little while to get it going and then gently blow out the flames, so that only the embers and smoke remain. Make sure you have a nonflammable bowl or container, such as an abalone shell or ceramic pot, beneath the burning sage to catch the ashes as they fall. Waft the smoke over your altar with the intention of cleansing and purifying any stagnant energy. Once you have completed saging your altar, continue with the sage around the room. Aim to waft the smoke into every corner and crevice, to get every nook and cranny in your space. After you’re finished, snuff out the embers in the fire safe dish. Ideally, it is beneficial to sage once a week—I like to sage every room in my home at least once a week.

3. Meditate with crystals for 11 minutes
Meditating, or sitting quietly while taking deep breaths, is a powerful tool to mindfully set your intentions for your day. Sit on a meditation cushion or a chair in front of your altar, and hold two selenite harmonizers, one in each hand. Selenite helps you to clear your mind and energetically cleanse your body. Set a timer for 11 minutes and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and visualize yourself walking through your day. Imagine yourself having loving and positive experiences with everyone you encounter. See yourself at work, with friends, and spending time with family. In all of your activities, envision yourself feeling energized, vibrant and fully alive. When your timer goes off, gently open your eyes and acclimate to your surroundings. Notice how different you feel. Calm. Cool. Collected.

4. Gratitude journaling: What are 3 things you’re grateful for today?
In a journal, write three things that you are grateful for today, before they even happen. With the action of actually handwriting this out, you force your mind to connect with these intentions, and program your brain to recall or seek them out later in the day.

Thank you for (fill in the blank).
Thank you for (fill in the blank).
Thank you for (fill in the blank).

After you’ve finished, place your journal on a petrified wood plate on your altar to ground your intentions in the energy of the Earth.

5. Light a Palo Santo stick
Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America—it’s valued as one of their botanical treasures. When burned, the smoke is believed to attract angels, inspire creativity and bring blessings into your life. Light your Palo Santo stick. Allow it to burn for about 30 seconds, and then gently blow out the flame. Walk clockwise around your space, allowing the smoke and rich smell to fill your space. This sacred smoke will fill your space and spirit with many blessings and pave the way for more to come throughout your day.

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