A DIY Head To Toe Spa Routine

From Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla

Is it just me or did winter feel abysmally long to you as well? Now that spring is fully here, I’ve jumped head-first into my “new projects for warmer weather” list. One of the most satisfying and easy accomplishments: create at-home spa treatments using food items hanging around in my kitchen. I particularly love it when I can use bruised produce or almost-expiring perishables that would otherwise be tossed. Below is an arsenal of recipes to treat yourself from head to toe.

Avocado Face and Hair Mask

1/2 overripe avocado, mashed well (this is the perfect recipe for that sad, bruised avocado sitting on your counter right now)

2 Tbs full fat, plain yogurt (I like Anita’s Coconut Yogurt)

Mix well, then apply to a clean face, neck and decollete in gentle, upward-sweeping motions. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water and follow with toner and facial moisturizer. This is also a delightful hair mask — apply to dry hair, starting at the scalp and working outward, and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition. Can be used 2-3 times a week.

Note: If you have any left over, add a sprinkle of salt and eat with chips!

Sugar Sugar Body Scrub

1/4 cup sugar – not too coarse

2 Tbs dried espresso coffee grounds

1 Tbs baking soda

Juice of 1/4 lemon

2 Tbs to 1/4 cup of olive oil, depending on how thick you like your body scrub

Save the coffee grounds from your morning coffee and spread them out on a cookie sheet to let them dry completely. (Or make friends with your neighborhood coffee shop by asking them for a small bag of used espresso grounds!)

Combine dry ingredients until well mixed. Squeeze in lemon juice. Slowly pour in olive oil until you reach your desired consistency. Stir well with a spoon and apply to your torso, arms and legs — pay special attention to elbows, knees and heels. Rinse off with warm-to-hot water, then towel dry (don’t wash off with soap afterward). Your skin should feel soft, smell delicious and be delightfully moisturized!

Use up to three times a week. Do not use on your face, or on open skin or sunburns.

Herbal Tea Bath Soak

6 tea bags – I recommend a mix of chamomile, peppermint, and green or black tea

1 cup epsom salt

10-20 drops total of one or more of the following: lavender, sweet orange, eucalyptus

Optional: 1/4 cup pure aloe vera gel (if overheated)

Steep the tea bags in 6-8 cups of water on the stove for 10-15 minutes until the water is dark – this allows you to get the full benefits from the herbs without having to draw a way-too-hot bath.  Squeeze excess liquid from the bags and set aside (place the chamomile and green tea bags in the freezer for a future cooling eye mask!).

In the meantime, run a hot bath. Add in epsom salt, essential oils, and aloe, if using. Run your hand through the salts to help them dissolve quickly. Once you’re ready to hop in, add the tea mixture, then slip into a relaxing, rejuvenating bath!

Super Easy Face Wash

¼ cup oat flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Oat Flour)

¼ cup baking soda

10 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)

Mix dry ingredients well, and store in a dry container with a tight-fitting lid. This will keep for six months. Add essential oils if you’d like and shake well.

When you are ready to use, pour a small amount into the palm of your hand or a bowl. Activate the cleanser by adding the liquid of your choice: cream, water, yogurt, Soapwalla Restorative Face Serum, or Facial Toning Mist. Gently apply to damp skin, using a soft touch. Wash off with warm water. Follow with a toning mist and high-quality facial moisturizer.

Easy Moisturizer

3 parts coconut oil

1 part olive oil

10 drops favorite essential oil

Mix and mash together with a fork until creamy and smooth. Keep in a tight lidded jar for up to 2 months.

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