The Best Flowers For A Spring Wedding

From Alice’s Table Founder Alice Lovell Rossiter.

Wedding season is upon us, and this year I am excited to join the ranks of my fellow brides-to-be in the planning process. Between endless Pinterest boards and wedding magazines, it’s easy to become lost in a sea of inspiration. As someone who works in the flower industry, I know how stressful (and expensive!) wedding flowers can be. Instead of focusing on one extravagant centerpiece, I love the idea of creating a less expensive tablescape with the most quintessential spring flower, daffodils.

A potted daffodil tablescape, surrounded by white candles comes across as put together and elegant. You only need a few stems per pot, and pots per table, meaning this arrangement is an economical choice. Plus, this type of arrangement is perfect for the DIY-savvy bride. Gather your bridesmaids and family members the day before the event to help put the pots together!


Start by choosing your pots. Terra cotta pots are perfect, they’re easy to find and inexpensive. We recommend choosing a couple different sized pots to create a centerpiece with personality.

Pack each pot firmly with potting soil. Poor a small amount of water over the top: just enough to gently moisten the soil so the flowers stay hydrated and upright — no one wants the flower flops!

When you’re ready to begin arranging, take one stem at a time and gently push the daffodils into the soil. Alternating between yellow and white varieties can add depth to your arrangement. We recommend 4-5 stems per pot, there’s no need to be exact, just make sure they vary in height. You’ll know what looks best! After you’ve reached your desired design, gently cover your soil with a layer of moss to clean up the look. We love green moss but Spanish moss could work just as well.


Once you’ve completed planting your daffodils, begin placing a few pots in the center of each table accompanied by white candles. Three-inch pillar candles paired with votives, create the perfect look for a springtime wedding.

With a little bit of water your daffodils will easily last into the next day, so you can spend your wedding morning soaking in the special day, not covered in potting soil! Remember to ask your venue to save your arrangements, so you can use them at a post-wedding brunch or as favors for guests!

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