Tips For Staying Healthy On The Road

From Dr. Mark Hyman, Author of Eat Fat, Get Thin

I travel a lot; in fact, 50 percent of my time is spent traveling. If I didn’t keep myself healthy while on the road there is absolutely no way that I could perform optimally. There are a few basics that you must maintain while traveling in order to stay healthy. Let’s take a look:

1. Eat real food. So many people tell me that they cannot control the type of food they eat while they’re on the road, and to that I say, nonsense! Do a little research before you travel. Most cities have a Whole Foods Market or their local version of a natural foods market and most have salad bars. This is great for making a gluten- and dairy-free salad that you can munch on in store, in your hotel or on the road. I also like to make a list of restaurants that I want to check out before heading to my destination.

2. Prepare for emergencies. If you are road tripping, carry along a cooler in the backseat to stash your favorite snacks. You can pack dry goods like nuts and seeds or canned salmon, but also have fresh goodies on hand – such as celery, carrots, snap peas and radishes. All of these tend to hold their fresh crunch, especially in the cooler. Apples, berries, pomegranate, avocados and lemons also fare well on the road. Hard-boiled eggs, nut butters, hummus and tahini are special treats when you need to nosh. If you’re traveling by plane, nut butters, grass-fed jerky, some fruit, kale chips, nuts and seeds are good options. 

3. Supplement wisely. Taking supplements to keep you strong and help prevent infections and adrenal fatigue are highly recommended. I take vitamin D, a multivitamin, vitamin C, a stress hormone stabilizer and medicinal foods like reishi and cordyceps. You can also take Siberian ginseng or Rhodiola. These are wonderful herbs that help balance your adrenal and stress response. I use Adreset. If I am feeling jet lagged or fatigued after a trip, I usually use melatonin and make sure to exercise, relax and take a steam or sauna. 

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