Build The Ultimate Picnic Basket

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic in the park? Seriously, picture it: Central Park at sunset, you’re in a maxi dress and slides while your beau sports some classic Ray Bans and clothes you love. You’re people watching, huddled together on a soft blanket, drinking a glass (or three) of rosé; that sounds like the stuff of date-night dreams are made of to us.

Picnic meals, much like your coveted 3 PM latte, exist in their own food category. They aren’t quite as filling as a dinner, but they’re definitely more substantial than a regular snack. Finding and filling the perfect picnic basket can pose a challenge, though – Who has the time?

We’re here to help, Potatoheads. Don’t waste time choosing between wicker or straw, rosé or Sancerre, Brie or Manchego. Let us make the decisions for you, so you can focus on enjoying yourself. Read below for our full guide to packing a picnic basket; our tips are bound to impress, we guarantee it…

1. Start with the basket. You want something sturdier enough to carry a bottle of wine, your utensils, the food, and a blanket (not to mention all the contents of your purse – yikes). That requires some heft; we like this chic wicker bag or this classic set-up. Bonus: it comes with napkins, utensils, and glasses. Then move on to the blanket. You want something soft, but resistant, that will stand up to spills and keep you far from the grass. This is our pick.

2. Choose a drink. Rosé is our go-to for spring and summer picnics. It’s light, easy to drink, tastes okay if it isn’t straight out of the freezer, and relatively inexpensive. Not into rosé? Try one of our go-to low sugar white wines or infuse some vodka, if you’re looking for a cocktail.

3. Don’t forget utensils! You may be dining on finger foods, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the essentials. Try this cute plastic set of forks, knives, spoons and glasses. They’re reusable (but disposable) pieces that are functional and fashionable.

4. Don’t get too fancy. Stick with easy to eat finger sandwiches and friendly snacks. Our favorite pairings? A baguette with a schmear of mustard, fresh ham, and brie with green grapes for munching. Don’t feel like cooking? Check out our favorite sandwiches in NYC; pick one up on your way to the park.

5. Put away the phone. We strongly believe that technology is the enemy of intimacy, both in your romantic relationships and your platonic ones. Try turning off your cell and actually using this time to reconnect. Bring a Polaroid if you feel so inclined; sunset in the park is the perfect time to snap some memories.

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