Natural Skincare 101

Joanna VargasCelebrity Facialist and Founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Skincare Collection.

It’s always confusing when you walk into a store and have so many choices in terms of which direction to go with your products. If you’re even considering a more natural skincare routine, I recommend finally taking the leap into natural beauty products. Natural products have amazing, results-oriented ingredients that penetrate more readily into the skin and show real results fast. I love a serum that delivers an instant glow to a client, and natural serums (like my Rejuvenating Serum!) will give you that right away.

Natural products are so much better for getting results from the skin and restoring health. I really discourage clients from using any product that contains chemicals because it inhibits the efficacy of the product.

Like I said, I believe in natural ingredients. One such natural ingredient is galactoarabinan, which is great for hyperpigmented skin. It causes more cell turnover than lactic or glycol ingredients, but it’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it’s safe even for sensitive skin.

Another ingredient currently making a splash is sweet potato. Most people know by now that sweet potato contains tons of beta carotene, which fights free radical damage and causes cell turn over. Sweet potato also contains tons of minerals like potassium and magnesium, which assist in lymphatic drainage. In other words, it’s amazing to use as a de-puffer for your eyes! I’m coming out with a new eye cream shortly, which is a must for bedtime; you’ll wake up looking refreshed – even when you’ve had no sleep!

My products are formulated to deliver instant results. Each of my all-natural formulas have amazing, results-oriented ingredients that penetrate more readily into the skin to show significant improvements quickly and deliver an instant glow. Because I’m a facialist, I listen to clients and their needs every day, so I know what women are looking for and how to make them happy with their skin. My products are designed to give that to everyone who uses them!

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