Freshen Up Your Makeup

Our makeup routine is usually pretty minimal for weekdays. We’re talking facial oil, a tinted moisturizer, and maybe a swipe of nude lipstick if we’re really feeling bold. As minimalists, we prefer to keep things simple; beauty, after all, comes from the inside out. For weekends, though, we like to switch it up a little bit, especially for date nights. wondering how to go from day to night? Read below for our tips; you’ll look as polished as a makeup artist in no time.

1. Start fresh. Take off your makeup from the day with a clean face wipes; we like these. They’re easy to store in your desk, smell wonderful, and don’t leave any residue behind. Layer on a brightening serum and a tinted moisturizer, then follow the steps below to craft a perfect nighttime look.

2. Choose a bold lip. The quickest way to look ready for a night out is to throw on a red lip. We like a cooler red, like this shade, or a matte lip for dinners out. Pro tip: take half a tissue, lightly place over your lips, and dust some setting powder on top for a lip that stays put all night – even after a glass (or two) of rosé.

3. Add a smokey eye. Doing a smokey eye can seem intimidating, but it is the perfect look for a night out, especially after a long day at the office. Layer a darker brown on top of the eye shadow you already had on from the day; the natural smudges will look intentional and add dimension to your look.

4. Contour your cheeks. Highlight your cheekbones with this handy guide; it’s a simple way to make your face look more alive, and think of how glowing your cheeks will be come golden hour on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants.

5. Try a cat eye. A few flicks of your wrist, a little pot of eyeliner, and your look is transformed completely. See Gita Bass’s full guide here!

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