How To Arrange Spring Flowers

From Alice’s Table Founder Alice Lovell Rossiter.

The coming of spring means longer days, warmer weekends and my favorite, endless dinner parties! I love to entertain, and often am asked what my favorite dinner party arrangement includes. At Alice’s Table, we want you to “live your joyous life” — meaning less time prepping and more time with your guests (cocktail in hand!). My go-to? Tulips!

Whether you’re a seasoned flower designer or simply throwing your first apartment dinner party, there is a tulip variety for every taste and occasion! Tulips require no additional fillers, and can be arranged in under 5 minutes. Plus, tulips are one of the only flowers that will continue to grow in your vase. You can even prep them the day before– just make sure to cut the stems a tiny bit shorter than you think is necessary, by morning they will be perfect! Pick them up on Saturday morning farmer’s market run or at any local florist.

Mix and Match

While most tulips are elegant in their simplicity, there are endless varieties that can pair with any aesthetic (and cuisine)! Parrot tulips can add another level of luxury to your standard arrangements. This variety features feathered and flamboyant petals — think of a parrot’s wings! We love these tulips because of the array of colors you can find in one flower. From swirling greens and pinks found in Green Wave Parrots to the deep purple found in Black Parrots, there’s a variety for every type of party.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional tulip with a little flair, try Double-Flowered tulips. This variety has several layers of petals, often resembling peonies, which makes them slightly heartier than your traditional tulip. We love Double-Flowered tulips for an arrangement that effortlessly transitions from a Saturday evening dinner party to a Sunday brunch. Double-Flowered tulips come in an abundance of colors, which includes a crowd favorite: gorgeous springtime pastels.


Tulips can last days beyond your dinner party if cared for properly! Begin by stripping the bottom leaves, leaving a few at the top to add natural greenery, eliminating the need for fillers. Once your vase is filled with water, trim the stems – always at a 45-degree angle –  short enough that the blooms have just about 1-1.5″ of stem above the vase rim supporting them. Once you’ve arranged your blooms, drop in a penny — the old wives’ tale is true! When paired with plant food, copper is an excellent fungicide which will help your blooms last longer.


With the endless selection of varieties and colors, it can be hard to choose which tulips are the perfect fit for your dinner party, they’re all beautiful! For an eye-catching arrangement, opt for vibrant yellow and red Parrot tulips. These colors pop perfectly when placed on a white tablecloth, and when served with a spicy mojito you’re ready for a Mexican-themed fiesta!

Hosting a girl’s night? We love mixing a selection of blush and peach Double-Flowered tulips in a ceramic pitcher. Pair with a charcuterie platter and a bottle of wine to celebrate the start of rosé season and an effortless tablescape you can arrange in ten minutes or less!

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