How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

Brace yourself! Mercury retrograde will backspin through structured Taurus from April 9 to 20, then in hotheaded Aries for the duration of the cycle until May 3. Here’s how to survive three weeks of communication breakdowns without losing your mind.

Ever have a week when nobody understands you? Your data disappears, people argue over nonsense, traffic sucks, and your computer crashes as you’re typing the last sentence of your Great American Novel. Flights are delayed or cancelled, or you forget your passport at home on the way to Mexico. Plans change without warning and your friends stand you up. Even if you’re already a drama queen, this is just BEYOND.

Chances are, you’re smack in the middle of Mercury retrograde.

Back up all your important data, clear the air with feuding friends, and do your best to get all your paperwork (cough, taxes) filed. On April 9, Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time in 2017. This backspin lasts until May 3, beginning in stubborn Taurus then slipping back through aggro Aries for the remainder. Conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or even shouting matches. What’s important to remember for this three-week phase is that you CAN agree to disagree—before relationships are rammed into the ground.

Since Taurus rules financial foundations, this retrograde may reveal an old source of income that may be profitable once again. Use the next couple weeks to refine your Q2 budget. You may also want to review all your monthly statements with a fine-toothed comb. When data-driven Mercury is off course, an ounce of prevention is worth a kilo of cure. 

Communication planet Mercury rules the transfer and travel of information, so during this signal-jamming cycle, it’s wise to password protect all sensitive data and back it up to the cloud. Keep a careful watch on mobile devices, too. Leaving your cell in a cab or dumping coffee on your laptop? These are mistakes that can be avoided with a little extra caution. With trivia obsessed Virgo at the helm, however, we can harness the “re” powers of this cosmic cycle and dive into research missions. By the time the speedy planet corrects course on May 3, we’ll be armed with all the facts and figures we need to make clear-headed choices for ourselves. 

The silver lining? Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to handle unfinished business. Most of us start a million things that we don’t complete, never realizing how much psychic clutter this creates. The retrograde is like a quarterly review, a chance to tie up those loose ends and create a clear vision for the future. Take advantage of it, and you’ll emerge fresh and ready when Mercury goes direct. As the cliche goes, what you resist persists. So the more you can embrace chaos or a lack of control (and isn’t control an illusion, anyhow?), the better you’ll survive this cycle.

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