The Outtakes

For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about pink lately. Usually, I’m drawn to pretty muted color palettes, but for some reason (much like the fashion industry this spring) my mind has been consumed with pink. Maybe it’s because spring is finally here; maybe because there is so much good pink clothing out there right now…either way, in honor of Easter weekend, I’ve decided to share a few fun shots that are most definitely defined by the color. Enjoy and happy weekend!

– Danielle


This graffiti wall! Constance Zimmer is one of the coolest women I’ve shot.


This shoot with Hannah Simone is a recent favorite. It’s basically drenched in pink.


I love this photo of Joey King, which was shot at the totally iconic and kitschy Russian Tea Room. Long live the pink coat.


If I could shoot one thing for the rest of my life, it would be ballerinas. This is an outtake from my shoot with Mary Helen Bowers.


This photo encompasses Zelda Williams perfectly. She has an infectious personality – it was almost impossible for her to keep still. Also, that wall color is everything.

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