5 Ways To Be More Productive

From Lauren Handel Zander, Founder of The Handel Group and Author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Live Your Life.

See the species packaging: we all (and I mean all – from CEOs to artists to your aunt) know what we should be doing daily to be more productive. But we aren’t doing it. 

Ever wonder why?

See the title of my new book: Maybe It’s You. Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life. There is no maybe about it: you are your productivity’s biggest problem. Here are some basic pointers for how to get more productive:

1. Instead of battling time and pretending like it is not finite, start partnering with it. Befriend it. There really is a certain amount of time each thing you want to get done takes. Most of us play a bit dumb to it. I have clients actually schedule every item (yes, every) on their ‘to do’ list into their calendar and stick to it. I have you wake up to what things actually take to accomplish in real time, not in your head. 

2. Learn how to keep a promise to yourself and make sure your promise forwards your vision for your career, like working on your business plan for 5 hours a week or attending networking events monthly, or even, uh, having (let alone writing down) a vision for your career, etc.

3. Be bigger than your favorite brand of excuses. Listen: excuses are brilliant. They work. They also, however, sabotage your own dream. Discover, once and for real, that every time you sell yourself an excuse and buy it, your relationship to yourself suffers.

4. Put in a self-imposed consequence should you not succeed at #2. For example, if you don’t put in 5 hours a week on your business plan, lose your weekend wine. The key is not to lose your wine (or whine!) but to keep your promise. It’s pretty impressive how most of us will fight for our vice more than our dream. But, so be it. At least, let’s use our bad for good, no?

5. Go public with your promise (and consequence).

Try following these 5 methods for 1 month and you’ll be astonished (and proud!) at how much you’ve accomplished.

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