10 Benefits Of Drinking Matcha Tea

We’ll admit it: we rely on coffee a little too much. Arianna Huffington told us that she stops drinking coffee at 2 PM – and we’re now trying to do the same. It’s time we switch to something a little more beneficial, like matcha. It’s got the same caffeine kick without the crash, but truth be told, we don’t actually know why we should be drinking matcha. We’ve loved it for years (hasn’t everyone?) in our lattes and desserts, so we figured now was the perfect time to research this seemingly miraculous green tea. Did it live up to our expectations? Read below to find out….

It detoxifies the body. Matcha contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is capable of removing both heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body. Fun fact: chlorophyll is what gives matcha tea its vibrant green color!

It increases metabolism. Drinking matcha tea in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and kickstart a calorie burning party. Studies have shown that matcha tea can help your body burn fat at a rate of four times faster than average.

It enhances calm and induces relaxation. The leaves from which matcha tea is made contain the amino acid L-Theanine. L-Theanine promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain which, in turn, enhance your calm and induce relaxation. Luckily, this state of relaxation isn’t accompanied by drowsiness, like most calm-inducing drugs.

It promotes memory and concentration. A side effect of L-Theanine is the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine improves memory and increases concentration.

It’s a mood-booster. Another happy side effect of the amino acid L-Theanine is the production of serotonin in the brain. You may have heard that chocolate increases serotonin levels, but matcha is an arguably healthier way to increase serotonin production and boost your mood.

It increases energy. Like all green teas, matcha naturally contains caffeine. However, the unique combination of other nutrients and that magical amino acid L-Theanine (that we clearly can’t stop talking about) can increase energy and endurance for up to six hours.

It fortifies the immune system. Matcha contains a special antioxidant: catechins. Think of catechins as the superheroes of antioxidants – not only are they the most potent antioxidants, but they also have antibiotic properties that fortify your immune system and boost your overall health. Plus, matcha tea is rich in potassium and protein as well as vitamins A and C.

It contains cancer-fighting properties. While we’re talking about catechins…one specific catechin is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), which is known for its cancer-fighting properties. Scientists have discovered that matcha contains at least 100 times more EGCg than any other tea.

It improves cholesterol. Although doctors can’t prove exactly how matcha tea improves cholesterol, studies have shown that populations who drink matcha tea have lower levels of LDL (aka bad cholesterol).

It promotes anti-aging. Think of matcha tea as a magical elixir for your skin. Because it’s rich in antioxidants, it supports skin health by reducing inflammation and free radicals that accelerate aging.

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