Why You Need More Sleep

From Dr. Mark Hyman, Author of Eat Fat, Get Thin

Among the numerous responsibilities we juggle daily, quality sleep often takes the back burner. This is a mistake; we should always seek to prioritize sleep above any of our other wellness goals. The repercussions of missing sleep show up in our health and around our waistlines. Read below for the full explanation of what lack of sleep does to your body…

1. Inadequate sleep can quickly sabotage your efforts at getting healthy and losing weight. Sleep is a major cornerstone for an energetic, joyful, healthy life.

2. Not getting enough sleep or getting poor-quality sleep adversely affects hormones that make you hungry and store fat.

3. One study found just one partial night’s sleep could create insulin resistance, paving the path for diabesity and many other problems.

4. Others studies show that poor sleep contributes to cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, poor immune function, and lower life expectancy.       

5. I frequently diagnose patients with sleep apnea, an extreme form of sleep deprivation where you wake up several times throughout the night. You can’t sleep, you can’t breathe and as a result, you lack oxygen. You don’t even realize you’re waking up throughout the night. This lack of sleep creates hunger, cravings and blood sugar imbalances that eventually increase pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

As a doctor, I understand how stress can become an issue. I juggle what feels like about 10 jobs. I have kids, a house, many employees and patients, plus I’m rarely home because I often travel for work. I realized that lack of sleep adversely impacts my health. I know I have to make sleep a priority, so I give myself a goal to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night. By experimenting, I figured out that when I get eight hours of good sleep, I feel much more alert and focused. Prioritizing sleep can counteract the five problems I mentioned above – find out how to do that with my guide to getting better sleep

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