How To Do A Sugar Detox

From Clean Eating Expert Candice Kumai, Author of Clean Green Eats and Clean Green Drinks

When setting out to cut down on sugar, remember to take it one day at a time. Also, this isn’t all or nothing; don’t worry so much about cutting down on fruit (according to a recent report from the World Health Organization, natural sugars found in fruit haven’t been linked to adverse health effects). Instead, focus on cutting out all of that processed, added sugar—bottled juices and smoothies, packaged cookies, chips, and crackers, soda, candy, cereal, bread, granola, yogurt, any kind of processed bars (protein, granola, chocolate), sweetened latte crap, and stop using that gross bottled sugary French vanilla creamer in your coffee! The easiest way to track your sugar intake? Read food labels and start cooking more at home. Remember, cooking during your sugar detox is also empowering! To help you, I’ve come up with an easy guide. Scroll through above for my tips!

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