How To Arrange Flowers For Spring

From Alice’s Table Founder Alice Lovell Rossiter.

For spring, we like to keep our arrangements quick and easy at Alice’s Table. This season we love to pair greens with romantic blushes as well as a mix of jewel-toned blooms. Ranunculus, roses, and peonies are some of our favorite flowers to pick up at the flower market or grocery store; they come in a variety of colors and perfectly capture the essence of spring.

Once you’ve picked out your blooms, it’s time to display them! My personal favorite way to arrange flowers is with the English Hand-Tie technique – think of a bridal bouquet with less ribbon. This is the easiest technique to secure all of the elements together, ensuring a perfect arrangement with no case of the flower flops!


Start by removing all of the leaves from your flower stems. We do not want leaves in the water because they will shorten the life of our flowers. Once your stems are prepped, lay all of your bouquet elements in front of you. We like to make piles for each type of flower. Then cut a length of floral wire, usually about 5in long and set it to the side.


Hold your first few flowers in your left hand (for righties), then begin adding flowers with your right. Continue to twist the arrangement in your left hand so you are adding blooms to all sides of the arrangement. Remember to alternate between flower types so that you get a nice mix of flowers across the entire arrangement.

Once you have added all of your flowers, continue to hold the stems while you wrap a piece of floral wire or a garbage tie tightly around the stems. Place the wire where you have been holding the flowers and wrap twice. Then twist the two ends together to make them hold!


Once you select your vase, fill it with room temperature water and add flower food. Then cut your stems to length – always at a 45-degree angle – and place them in your vase. We recommend a white vase when displaying flowers in your home; it matches any decor and allows your arrangement to be the showstopper! Place your arrangement away from vents and direct sunlight for the longest lasting arrangements! Remember to change your water and add a serving of plant food every few days so you and your blooms can stay happier longer!

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