Switch-Up Your Skincare Routine For Spring

We’re willing to bet a pretty penny that when winter rolls around your medicine cabinet is stocked with hydrating face masks, heavy night creams, and just about any product with the word “moisturizing” on it. Winter’s low temps, harsh winds, and dry air leave your skin craving moisture and nourishment. However, when winter finally subsides and the sun steps back onto the stage, it’s time to transition from heavy creams to light serums. Spring is a time of renewal not only for the earth, but also for our bodies. It’s important to take a cue from mother nature and swap out the products in our medicine cabinets as well as seek renewal for our skin. Below, Joanna Vargas provides a few tips for knowing when and how to transition your skincare routine:

  • After the cold winter months, spring is a great time to think about resetting the skin and getting it ready to look great for summer. Most people have experienced dryness and some form of sensitivity due to winter’s extreme weather.  My idea is to completely reinvigorate and resurface the skin so you can literally face brighter days with a brighter complexion.
  • Winter leaves the skin looking dull. Because you can’t exfoliate as much in winter, people feel like they have aged twenty years after only a few winter months. What’s more, socially people feel as though they have been in a cave. Thankfully, spring brings parties and events – and everyone wants their glow back!
  • When the heat officially goes off, I think it coincides with an increase of moisture in the air, at least in NYC. That’s a good time to make the switch.
  • I think you should increase exfoliation to twice a week and look for products that increase hydration and circulation. My Daily Serum is formulated to help with this. I also like Eminence Organics Sweet Rose Treatment.

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