The Best Kept Wellness Secrets

From Erika Bloom, Pilates Expert and Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates

My clients include some of the healthiest, most beautiful people in the world. From the outside, it can seem effortless, but a healthy lifestyle is about commitment and is not built on quick-fixes. Working with these clients over the years, I guide them on their path to wellness. I also learn from them by observing what works for them in their life. I’ve discovered that there are common “rules” that, day in and day out, keep them fit, smiling, and glowing. Here are some of the secrets I’ve learned:

1. Find healthy foods you actually love and eat them with joy. You can enjoy food and eat delicious things and still stay healthy and fit. Just learn which healthy foods you love and incorporate them into your repertoire. And don’t forget to try new things. My go to’s are celery, Brussel’s sprouts, and yams. 

2. Don’t be afraid of fat. Healthy fats keep skin plump, hair shiny, and your brain sharp. They also keep you feeling full so you don’t over eat.

3. Stay active every day, aside from your actual exercise routine. Walk to the grocery store, run around with the kids at the park, or bike to work.

4. Plan your exercise commitments in advance and stick to them. Schedule exercise classes and private training in to your regular weekly routine and make them an appointment you don’t miss.

5. Commit to your wellness plan by learning to say ‘no.’ If you’re asked to add a meeting or go to an event that conflicts with your ability to stick to being healthy and staying active, be okay with saying, ‘Sorry, I’m busy, can we find another time?’

6. Have a home workout routine you can do in a pinch. Even 15 minutes of toning at home can keep you on track when you truly can’t keep your regular exercise schedule.

7. If you indulge, don’t beat yourself up. Let yourself enjoy special moments without guilt. Then get right back on your healthy eating plan. You can also make your less healthy favorites, like coffee, with healthier alternatives. Try bulletproof coffee, for example!

8. Enlist support. Surround yourself with healthy friends you can work out with, talk about meal solutions, and go to dinner with. Find professionals in diet and exercise to assist you if need be. I provide support for my clients by checking in and offering healthy solutions to keep them on track.

9. Keep a healthy snack in your bag, like raw almonds, but only eat it in a pinch and if you are truly hungry.

10. When you travel or eat out, enjoy the local fare in moderation, but mostly stick to what you know. Most places will accommodate healthy veggies and lean proteins even if it’s off menu. 

11. Drink lots and lots and lots of waterStaying hydrated is a necessity for your body from head to toe and it also prevents eating to satiate thirst.

12. Prioritize sleep and get lots of it. Sleep is essential to being healthy and balanced. Being fully rested also gives you the energy to work out and prevents binging due to energy lulls.

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