Make Your Home Smell Good For Spring

Spring is finally here, Potatoheads! We cannot wait to open our windows and let the sunshine in. We want to get rid of anything and everything that reminds us of winter, and that includes dust and musty scents. Now, we want to refresh our homes with bright scents and smells. Read below for our favorite ways to make our home smell good for spring – trust us, they’re the instant pick-me-up your space needs.

1. Invest in some candles. We know, we know: telling you to buy candles isn’t exactly game-changing news. They’re a staple in our homes for a reason; they instantly make us feel at ease, just with one match. Swap out your cozy winter scents for brighter, cleaner smells. We like this citrus-y candle from Jo Malone and this spring classic from Byredo.

2. Try baking something. Obviously you can’t bake cookies every day to make your house smell good, but it is undoubtedly a nice touch to throw something in the oven before expecting guests. You’re apartment will smell amazing, and you get a snack. What’s not to love about that? Try making one of our favorite spring dessert recipes!

3. Use essential oils. We are obsessed with essential oils, to say the least. They help us get calm and relieve migraines, but what they’re most known for is smelling good. We like to make our own relaxing room spray with lavender essential oil. Simple combine 10-20 drops of organic lavender essential oil, 2 cups of water, and half of a teaspoon of vodka into a spray bottle. Spritz in bathrooms or the living room to cleanse the air (thanks, vodka) while making the space smell fresh.

4. Do a deep clean. Your kitchen can hold onto unpleasant smells long after you’ve finished cooking; think about all of those onions you’ve chopped and garlic you’ve fried. To get rid of those scents, do a deep clean in your kitchen. Pull out all of the silverware, run it through the dishwasher or make a soak in your sink. Then, salt all wooden and stainless steel surfaces and rub with half a lemon, like they do in professional kitchens. This will get rid of even the most stubborn smells.

5. Get creative. Now that you’ve gotten rid of all of the old smells haunting your space, it’s time to get creative. To ensure your space stays fresh, you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible. Try making your own cleaning sprays with essential oils, adding candle remains to your vacuum bags, and storing soap bars (like these) in with your linens. Want to take it a step further? Try washing your sheets and clothes in these detergents from Le Labo. Match them to your daily spring fragrance and you’ll be smelling great all day long!

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