Your Financial Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

The world keeps on evolving—and along with it, the economy. Every day, the headlines foreshadow the overhauls to come in governments and world markets, so expect plenty more to come in store for 2017. With radical Uranus blazing through its final full year in fiery Aries (where it’s been since 2011), the digital revolution will continue to shape the way we express ourselves and stay connected. But individualistic Aries vibes will be met with a counterforce in 2017, as expansive Jupiter in Libra, the sign of partnerships, encourages new ways to co-live and work (1970s commune reinvention, anyone?), or to pair up with synergistic souls on a joint venture.

Meanwhile, somber Saturn spends its last of three years in adventurous Sagittarius, which will bring a few more hefty reality checks to everyone’s far-flung dreams—which is not a bad thing! If you’re thinking of launching that startup, stern Saturn will make sure you don’t squander your budget on overhead or staff that doesn’t give you the ROI you deserve. Aiding this streamlining process, the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster, which started January 27, will snap us into action. So get up and at ’em with the sunrise!

Overall, 2017 is a time for us all to get real about where we are with our finances and career paths. While we should continue to be innovative and focus on individual goals—and establishing strategic alliances will help us get there faster. A combination of hustle and calculated risks will help all of us thrive.


Not following the trends or keeping up on social media? Resistance is futile! Uranus, the planet of social change, technology and revolution, spends its last full year in trailblazing, me-first Aries. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Innovative Uranus has been busy sparking drastic change in all our lives when it comes to technology, self-expression and personal identities—from selfies and swiping, to smartphones and social activism organized entirely online.

Uranus arrived in Aries in 2011 and will remain here until May 2018, so embrace the digital age and use it to make your voice heard. No, you don’t have to document your life on Snapchat à la Kylie Jenner—but don’t turn your nose up at the app either. And if you’ve become one with your screen, unplug a little, too! A digital detox, even a few hours spent offline, will remind you that the world indeed keeps spinning if you don’t Instagram your avocado toast. With Uranus opposing convivial Jupiter in social Libra throughout 2017, there’s a time to be “all about me,” and a time to be present with others. Striking a balance is key now!

At a career crossroads? Upgrade your digital skill-set. There are so many awesome and affordable ways to build your technical repertoire, whether it’s a video course from or taking classes in code and UX design at a school like General Assembly. Marie Forleo’s B-School is one of our favorite resources for a complete nuts-and-bolts training for how to launch an online business. With independent Uranus in pioneering Aries, don’t wait to be “discovered.” Set up a sleek Squarespace-style website or an Etsy shop to showcase your talents and offerings. Saturn and Uranus form two golden trines around May 19 and November 11, which means that undiscovered talent could be tapped by big companies as “influencers” for a lovely price tag. So position yourself for a big payout—build your following or profile, and established corporations might just seek YOU out.


Expansive Jupiter will spend all year in two of the most partnership driven zodiac signs, peaceful Libra and intense Scorpio. Dynamic duos aren’t confined to the realm of romance. Jupiter in Libra (until October 10, 2017) encourages the buddy system when it comes to finances in 2017, too. Abundant Jupiter can spark fruitful collaborations, as competition gives way to cooperation. Think: starting a non-profit with a best friend, or finding financial stability with the help of a great adviser or accountability partner. Lucky Jupiter reminds us to choose sharing over scarcity.

This Jupiter revolution could manifest as new innovations to co-living and shared workspaces. The 1970s commune gets a new millennial makeover. As Jupiter also rules publishing, we may see a new rise in romance and relationship literature and business. Go ahead and start your advice column now!

On October 10, Jupiter moves into Scorpio for 13 months. Scorpio rules shared finances and mergers, encouraging us to pool our resources for mutual gain. You become part of an investment club or explore a joint business or real estate venture. Or, you could look for simple ways to collaborate: co-op babysitting, potlucks, ride shares. Passive income streams, such as making money as an affiliate, are also favored. While some ideas may seem like a sure shot, stay away from any shady pyramid schemes that promise overnight millions.


Cautious Saturn is spending its third and final year in Sagittarius, the sign of gambling, risks and expansion. Saturn and Sagittarius make strange bedfellows, and during this transit, our appetites for excess may meet with stern reality checks.

With any luck, a healthy balance will be struck in 2017. Sagittarius rules higher education, so school could be back in session for people of all ages. This year will inspire many of us to brush up our skills, or dive into new realms of learning altogether. Instead of throwing money around heedlessly, invest your nest egg in a solid business idea or personal development that will raise you into a higher income bracket.

Got a startup idea? Saturn can be a stern teacher that holds us accountable for our actions. There will be no cutting corners or launching with a flimsy plan! But Saturn’s sobering influence on your bottom line may actually see your idea become a stable reality. Curb the impatient Sagittarius influence and roll things out in phases, or one step at a time. By the time Saturn leaves Sagittarius on December 19, you could have the beginnings of an empire locked down.


Eclipses bring sudden change and turning points to our lives. They have a way of sweeping away what isn’t needed to make space for the new. Every couple years, they fall in a different pair of opposite signs. From February 10, 2017 until 2019, the eclipses will primarily fall on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Outspoken, prideful, creative Leo merges with its opposite sign, rebel-rouser Aquarius, who rules freelancing, online work, collaboration and unusual projects. While Leo is about being the star, Aquarius is about being a cog in a greater wheel.

The challenge on the work front will be to learn when to shine, and when to let others take center stage. The first Leo/ Aquarius eclipse comes on February 10th, signaling your star time. Later in the year, the August 7th eclipse will be more about the collective, or doing something with a focus on changing the world rather than massaging your own shimmering personal agenda.


Starting on January 27, we enter the Year of the Fire Rooster, according to Chinese astrology. It’s time to rebuild the economy, and the hardworking Fire Rooster instructs us to do this with all talons on deck. With the fire element in the mix, we’ll probably burn some midnight oil in the process. The crowing Fire Rooster may turn many a night owl into a morning person. Waking up with the rising Sun is the way to get s*** done during this cycle. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

In 2017, the morning doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking repetition of chugging coffee while checking email and racing to make it into the dreaded office. Tap the creative energy of the Fire Rooster to create a life-enhancing morning ritual. Meditate, start a 7:00 a.m. yoga practice, mindfully eat your breakfast and move peacefully and joyfully into your days. So maybe you have to set the alarm a little earlier (and get to sleep sooner, too) but your quality of life will only improve. Bonus: This all blends perfectly with the 1 Universal Year energy we will be experiencing in 2017, according to numerology.

The Fire Rooster is a savvy strategist, and this is not the year to rush ahead without a solid plan. If you’re perpetually in debt, this 2017 energy may prompt you to cut up your credit cards and make a practice of thoroughly reviewing your bank statements. Whether on Wall Street or Main Street, there will be zero tolerance for waste in 2017. The resourceful Fire Rooster is an excellent money manager, urging us all to bring more consciousness to our spending—and our spending choices.

Make “quality over quantity” your words to live by in 2017. Here’s to your prosperity!

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