Why You Should Unplug

From Mastin Kipp, Author of Daily Love.

If you keep setting goals and not following through with them then you are…

just like the rest of us.

Not following through is a human thing.

The truth is, you can go easy on yourself and any self-blame in your head. We just aren’t really designed for follow through.

And, if you don’t follow through on your goals, intentions, and promises… we’ll pretty soon not keeping your word will build up a wall of anxiety and before you know it you’ll abandon your green juice/chia seed smoothie and be back in line at Cinnabon (not that I am projecting, or anything).

Not following through creates a self-esteem deficit, people around you do not trust you on your word, and you’ll never actually live inside that vision board you love looking at.

So, what keeps you from following through?

It’s not your parent’s ideas about who you should be, what your friends think about your need health kick, the “accidental” gluten you just consumed, or your astrological chart.

It’s something far worse. And something that, if left unchecked, can permanently kill your dreams.

What is this enemy of your dreams?

One word:


Unless you get a handle on distraction, then all the vision boarding, goal setting and intentions you set will just be one big “wish.”

I like to think of many people’s bookshelf (digital or at home) as the shelf of wishful thinking.

It’s where dreams go to be remembered for a brief time, and then quickly killed by the distractions of the day.

So, we need to change things up if you’re going to get unstuck and love your life.

If I had to define success as one thing it would be this:

Following through on what matters most to you.

It’s a simple concept to understand, but it takes time… practice and skill to make sure this habit sticks.

The simple act of following through can change your life in amazing ways. When you end distraction, you set yourself up for massive success.

Reducing the amount of distraction in your life is good for your health, your wealth and your big dreams.

Think of distraction as the “gluten” or “high fructose corn syrup” of productivity.

It’s usually in stuff that makes you “feel good” at the moment, but long term it makes you sick, fat, bloated and can kill you.

After working with tens of thousands of people to help them to improve their lives, I’ve found there are five primary ways distraction gets in the way of and kills your goals.

I call them the Fatal Five:

1. Social Media

I get it. You get FOMO. You don’t want to miss out on the latest news, info or meme. You like checking in and seeing how many people liked your latest post and what your friends, family and ex are all up to.

Social Media has it’s place, but it’s killing your goals. We can spend up to 10 hours a day on our screens. Imagine what would happen if you channeled that into your big goals? Pretty soon Sophia Amoruso will be calling you a Girl Boss.

2. Apps

Do you really need an app for that?

Apps can be a great way to measure your progress, connect with friends, order a massage or stay in the know. But, it’s a distraction.

Texting, messaging, snapping, it’s all good. But be winning to turn off our phone. It’s a source of infinite distraction, comparison, stress and a major productivity suck.

Turn your phone off to get more done.

3. Comparison

Yes, comparison is a distraction. You have a unique gift to bring forward on this planet, and if you are busy comparing yourself to others, then you’ll never make it.

Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, make it a habit to pay attention to what lights you up.

4. Over-committing.

It’s time to say NO a lot more. Saying yes to too many people, opportunities or “shiny pennies” is a distraction from doing what matters most to you.

Remember, the bigger the NO, the bigger the YES.

Get more done by promising to do less.

5. Online Video

Online Video is killing your dreams. This is a massive distraction. From streaming. To viral videos. To news. To clips of your favorite shows on social media.

Curb your video watching. Don’t tell yourself you are going to watch just “one” cat video when you know that you are on your way to a 3 hour cat video binge.

Just say no the next time your friend says, “Hey, wanna watch this real quick?”

Those are the five major ways distraction kills your purpose. So, what should you do about it?

One of my favorite APPS is called Freedom – and it blocks all websites and apps that you want it to block. It’s awesome. I would download Freedom and setup scheduled times where you are free from online distractions. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll get done.

And, if comparison or overcommitting is killing your purpose, come on over to my blog and join my tribe. I’d love to help you with that.

So, how are you going to set some boundaries with distraction?

Imagine what you could do with all that time? Imagine what would be possible if you followed through on your good intentions whether you felt like it or not?

You might actually see your dreams come true.

Sounds cheesy, but it’s awesome.

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