The Ultimate Skincare Bible

Wendy Rowe, celebrity makeup artist to some of our favorites like Sienna Miller and author of Eat Beautiful, literally glows. You’d assume would be the case with a makeup artist and skin expert but really, Rowe’s skin (and her client’s skin!) astounds. As someone who is constantly testing and using the best products out there, we plugged Rowe for her suggestions. She didn’t disappoint – read below to find out how to make your skin glow and which skincare rules you should always abide by. Her product choices are soon to make their way onto your wish list

1. Practice good skincare. Be sure to take your makeup off at night, it’s really so important for achieving good skin. I’m always amazed when people tell me that they don’t do that! You might be able to get away with it in your 20s and early 30’s, but it will catch up with you, so get into good habits early if you want to have good skin and stay youthful!

2. Always, always, always use moisturizer. I swear by moisturizer and never leave the house without it! In fact, I did forget one day, and I had to turn around in the car and go back for it – it’d be such a disaster for me not to moisturize my skin in the morning. I always tell people to change moisturizer like you would change your coat – go for something more lightweight in the summer and then change it up for something richer and more protective for the wintertime.

3. Take off makeup before exercise. In the same way as you absolutely have to remove makeup before bed, it’s also so important to remove it before exercising, too! When you exercise, you sweat and your pores open up, so if you have makeup on, it will all sink into your pores and clog them. Trust me, that is never a good look! If you have clean skin when you exercise, sweating will remove all the impurities from the body and will have a glow-boosting effect, so it’s well worth the minimal effort of removing your makeup before hopping on the elliptical. 

4. Avoid anything fragranced. When it comes to skincare, always be sure to avoid anything that has artificial fragrance in it.These irritants will make skin react, usually with redness or patchy spots. It’s so unnatural and unnecessary to put fragrance on skin. I’d never use it myself, and I always make sure to exclude fragranced skincare from my professional kit, too. I just don’t have time to fix any skin reactions on set. I always know I can trust brands that are natural and uncomplicated. I’ve been using brands like Decleor for years, and I know I can always rely on their skincare for sensitive skin. Newer brands like Susanne Kaufmann’s organic skincare is great, too, because I know it doesn’t contain anything that might make someone’s skin react.

5. Don’t forget about the rest of your body! When people think of skin, they often just think of the face, but the skin on the rest of your body is so important, too. Don’t forget to look after the skin on your feet, décolletage, neck and hands as well as your limbs. I always make sure to moisturize and hydrate these areas, and I exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin. To save time, I apply body oil or body cream when my skin is still wet after a shower and then towel dry off any excess, it’s a much faster method!

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