5 Ways To Get Glowing Skin

From Wendy Rowe, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Author of Eat Beautiful

Skin changes with the seasons and what you eat should change, too. There is no quick fix, no one recipe that will cure you of a skin complaint; instead it’s about commitment to a balanced, healthy diet throughout the year – and that doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. Eating mindfully is totally achievable as part of your every day life, even if you think you can’t cook! I’m constantly traveling through time zones and climates for my work, but even so, I know that you can achieve amazing skin through eating fresh, seasonal produce and paying attention to proper skincare and exercise. Don’t forget to have a laugh and enjoy yourself, too! It’s fine to allow yourself the odd treat now and then, you need to have fun. Read below for the foods I eat and recommend to my clients to support a glowing complexion and healthy skin.

1. Eat oily fish or take a Skinade supplement. It’s so important to include oily fish into your diet. It’s the best way to nourish your skin from the inside as it’s such a rich source of omegas, vitamins and good fats, all of which are essential for keeping the skin looking youthful. A lot of people tell me that they don’t like the taste or smell of oily fish, so I recommend Skinade’s drink supplement instead. If you don’t like oily fish or if you’re short on time, then Skinade is a great choice. It is a form of collagen sourced from freshwater fish, which will give you a natural collagen boost and help to keep skin looking fresh and glowing

2. Eat organic and avoid anything processed. A lot of people tell me that organic food is too expensive, but if you eat fresh locally sourced organic food, it will actually be cheaper than buying from the grocery store. Anything that is local hasn’t had to travel far, so it will be cheaper to produce and sell; it will also taste a lot better and be more nutritious as well as free from preservatives.

Processed food is packed full of additives and things that make the system sluggish so choose organic, fresh produce instead. The best choices are green vegetables and brightly colored fruits; they are easier for the body to digest and have real nutritional benefits for the skin.

3. Eat seasonally. Nature gives us what we need to keep our bodies and skin healthy. Look for ingredients that grow in the season, and make meals using the produce from scratch. I separated my book, Eat Beautiful, into seasons so that it’s super easy to get ideas about what grows at that time of year. For example, strawberries don’t naturally grow in winter, so you know that they have been imported then. Instead, look for brightly colored ingredients, like red cabbage and beets, which are in season as they contain the right things to nourish the body and boost the immune system – just what we need for wintertime. In the same sense, foods naturally packed with water give us what we need in the summer. Look for things like fresh zucchini, cucumber and melon,

4. Take probiotics. Probiotics are important for supporting the gut and the body’s digestive system. It’s really key to maintain a healthy gut and flush out toxins from the body. Probiotics are a “healthy bacteria” which help to keep things moving and ensure that the digestive system is able to effectively rid the body of waste; healthy digestion is crucial for good skin.

5. Have hot water with lemon. Something as simple as starting the day with a glass of hot water with lemon will work wonders for the skin. It helps to alkalinize the body and balance acid levels, which will help to keep the skin bright and glowing. It’s something that doesn’t take any time to do and is such a simple change for noticeable benefits for the skin.

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