The Vitamins You Should Take Daily

What vitamins should you be taking daily? What vitamins should women take? It’s something we always ask ourselves. Our new favorite site – Care/of – tells you exactly what vitamins you need individually. It’s why they’re our new spring obsession. But let’s back up for a moment…

As women who have made the switch to bulletproof coffee and add drops of chlorophyll to our refillable water bottles, we like to think we’re pretty savvy when it comes to the wellness scene. We’ll be honest, though, Potatoheads: we tend to be a little skeptical about supplements, especially multi-vitamins. They can make us feel overwhelmed and confused. Which vitamins should we actually be taking? Does fish oil really work?

We’ve tried to take initiative and commit to a supplement routine in the past, scouring the Whole Foods shelves for effective (and wallet-friendly) vitamins. Full disclosure: we got flustered, left with even more questions, and wound up stress-buying another too-expensive bottle of melatonin that we probably didn’t even need.

That’s where Care/of, a new direct-to-consumer personalized vitamin service, comes in. They’re taking the guesswork out of the vitamin market – and are doing it beautifully, might we add. The boxes look like they were pulled from a shoot from Patrick Demarchelier, and the supplements come in handy single-serving packs. They even have our names on the package, a small luxury that makes us feel a little bit more like Gwyneth. Their packaging is aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

One of our biggest problems pre-Care/of was remembering to take our vitamins. We’d rush out of the door, coffee in hand, only to remember that we forgot our pills on the counter. Going on vacation was even worse; it’s not like you can throw your pills in Ziploc bag and head off to the airport. Now, we proudly display our vitamins on our desk and have snapped more than a few well-lit photos for our Instagram feeds. Keeping our vitamins close has inspired us to be healthier in our everyday lives, too; just seeing them on our desks makes us want to do better. They serve as a reminder to stay hydrated, to choose better snacks, and to move every hour. Traveling is now a breeze; the individual packs fit easily in any bag and don’t look suspect.

Care/of is much more than just a pretty face, though. The recommendations are super personal, and their survey is intense. Picture a Buzzfeed quiz, like “what your coffee order says about your personality”, but at the end you find out which nutrients you may be missing out on. You start your subscription by answering a series of questions ranging from your lifestyle (like how much you drink in a week and how frequently you exercise) to your goals (stress reduction, getting rid of acne, regulating trips to the bathroom, etc). Care/of analyzes your answers and personally selects vitamins for you.

Each recommended supplement comes with an explanation of why it was selected, and the website further explains what each supplement does, how much research there is surrounding it’s effectiveness and where the Care/of version is sourced from. As busy women, we want to know that everything we put into our bodies is safe. Truthfully, we don’t always have the time to put in the research ourselves, which is why we love that they have all of the research and studies in one place. We make sure our kale is sourced sustainably – why wouldn’t we do the same with our vitamins?

Here at TNP, we live by the motto that beauty comes from the inside out. The vitamins in our pack support that. Wondering what’s in our personalized kit? We take two wild Alaskan salmon oil pills for heart health, one rhodiola for stress management, and one astaxanthin for antioxidants daily. This blend is ideal for editors and creatives; it helps us manage the anxiety that can come with constant deadlines and gives us the antioxidants we don’t get enough of naturally. Our junior editor takes those pills along with one magnesium and a calcium plus supplement, since she has trouble sleeping (needs more magnesium) and rarely eats dairy (lacks calcium).

So, to answer the question you all are probably thinking: yes, they work. You can call it a placebo effect, but after popping our recommended daily rhodiola, we definitely feel more focused and ready to tackle the day. We take our vitamins in the morning with food, as recommended, and have noticed small but distinct changes in our skin and alertness. We’re unique women with unique needs and tastes, and, thanks to Care/of, we finally feel like our vitamins are working as hard as we do.

Want to get your hands on a pack? Take the survey, then enter our exclusive promo code (NEWPOTATO) for two weeks on us. 

 *In collaboration with Care/of