8 Foods For Gut Health

Scroll through above for the best foods for gut health!

From Kimberly Snyder, Nutritionist and Author of Radical Beauty.

There is a strong connection between your gut health and the quality of your skin. Is your skin breaking out? Breakouts can indicate toxic buildup in your system. Your elimination organs may be overwhelmed, which can encourage impurities to push out through your skin. There may be excessive phlegm buildup from overeating congestive, difficult-to-digest foods (such as dairy), or your digestive system may be compromised. This can result in some serious lethargy; you know that 4 pm slump? It could be from a problem in your gut.

So when you want your skin to be better, great products,(while super important) simply aren’t going to cut it! You need to go deeper to get deeper, better results. The foods in the slideshow above will help your body detox efficiently, clearing you skin and giving you more energy! Try to eat them every day for optimal gut health.

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