The Outtakes

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Imperfections are often what make a photo most interesting. One of these imperfections can sometimes be an abundance or lack of light. Without a sufficient amount of light, photos have a grainier quality, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. When it does though, it creates the most incredible, cinematic mood – and it’s often something I’ll do on purpose when editing photos to get the mood I want. Usually, these photos don’t make it onto the site because they don’t totally fit with the rest of the shoot, but seeing as it’s the Oscar’s this weekend, I thought I’d share some of my favorite cinematic (i.e grainy) images. The lack of light and grainy quality adds so much to each and every one of these images – it enhances the story and makes many of them feel like stills out of an old movie. From Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt, to one of our favorite Pitch Perfect stars, here are some that really struck me.

– Danielle

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