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From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

Sweet surrender! February 18 marks the Sun’s transition to ethereal Pisces season this year, cultivating compassion and empathy until March 20. Pisces is the intuitive star sign of creativity, healing and the subconscious.

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological energy, no matter what your Sun sign. Pisces is the third of the zodiac’s three water signs and part of the “mutable” quality. As the only mutable water sign of the zodiac, Pisces is compassionate and accommodating—and can sometimes be an emotional sponge. This is one of the most imaginative and artistic signs in astrology, with many empaths and psychics among its ranks.

As yes-we-can Aquarius season comes to a close, sensitive Pisces takes the helm and steers the proverbial ship to more healing waters. Bid adieu to the forward-thinking, collaborative Water Bearer. Pisces season is a time to turn inward and reflect, to dig deep and heal old emotional wounds.

For the next four weeks, take a few moments of respite from radical revolution to get quiet. As we continue pursuing world-bettering agendas, we can’t skimp on self-care. (Hello, recipe for burnout.) Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, signifying closure in myriad forms. By the time the Spring Equinox and Aries Season arrives to reset the zodiacal calendar on March 20, we’ll be ready to emerge anew.

Do you believe in magic? The dreamy vibes of Pisces season could make even the most hardened cynic ponder the possibility of the supernatural. This fantasy-fueled solar cycle will also activate an early round of spring fever, as rose-colored glasses and hearts worn on sleeves are always in fashion during this compassionate cycle. Caveat: Piscean energy can be so up-in-the-clouds that we can forget to bring ourselves back down to earth. Periodic reality checks would be a wise idea for everyone. But don’t be so hard-nosed that you fail to enjoy the poetic vibes that Pisces season brings. Relationships can deepen when we dare to be vulnerable.

Compassion will not be in short order during Pisces season, which comes as a relief, given all the divisiveness 2017’s political climate has ushered in. The liquid nature of Pisces allows us to flow beyond our boundaries so that we can glimpse life from different perspectives. Symbolized by the Fish, swimming a mile in someone else’s fins can be illuminating during Pisces season. Warning: We can all expect to experience both high and lows between now and March 20—but we can reflect on what each direction reveals in the process. Pisces is symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. Deep healing awaits for those willing to plunge into the stormy sea of the psyche. And so much beauty can emerge from these trips below the surface. Let the artistic renaissance begin!

Here are five ways to embrace your inner empath and hone your intuition during Pisces season between now and March 20.

1. Spark your sixth sense.

Imaginative Pisces helps us tap into the collective unconscious in an effort to help address some of life’s toughest questions. Pisces wants us to believe that we are all intuitive; it’s just a matter of being confident in those gut feelings and learning to trust them. When we hone our intuition, we go beyond our normal perception into the ether of the unknown: the metaphorical, the figurative and even illogical. Our intuition, or sixth sense, is that feeling we get when we are drawn to something that the universe believes is in our best interests, especially when we feel resistance from our waking mind. In other words, intuition could be described as a conflict between the head and heart. Our higher, intuitive selves always know what is best for us, and our third eye chakra, located at the forehead between the eyebrows is often called the gateway to our intuition or sixth sense. But like all chakras, the third eye portal can become blocked, causing us to second guess ourselves and make ego-based decisions that can wind up not being the most fulfilling paths for us in the end. You can help re-open your third eye by working with an energy healer or empath, or through meditation. Even some basic yoga poses, like forward folds, help to release tension in the shoulders and flush the pineal gland—which from an energetic standpoint can block the flow of energy into the third eye. Sparking your sixth sense will help clarify your purpose and enhance creativity during Pisces season.

2. Channel your inner mermaid.

Pisces is governed by foggy Neptune, cosmic ruler of the oceans and seas, and Pisces season can remind us of the urgent need to conserve water on our planet. We are still in a state of disbelief that the residents of Flint, Michigan continue to be subjected to contaminated and poisoned water, after the Trump administration quietly closed the investigation. Or the people of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe who face (yet again) an alarming depletion of safe drinking water thanks to the same administrations prompt reinstatement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Beyond this, millions of children around the world have little to no access to safe, clean drinking water. During Pisces season, take action to help these underserved populations, whether through donations or your own campaign. There’s a good chance that many of us at home use more water than we need to, so be extra diligent about not running the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth and reusing water in the kitchen whenever possible. Since our oceans are more polluted than ever, cutting back on household trash can help, too.

3. Connect to the collective unconscious.

There days, there’s no shortage of available resources for starting a daily mediation practice. From easy-to-use apps like Headspace or boutique drop-in meditation studios like MNDFL, meditation has officially reached mainstream status. The collective conscious has been getting #woke in recent years, perhaps due to the return of spirit-junkie Neptune to Pisces. While meditation can help you manage stress levels or increase productivity, there is also profound power in connecting to the collective unconscious. By allowing ourselves to sit, get quiet and stabilize the fluctuations of the mind, we experience the inexplicable; something much more powerful than we can even comprehend in the waking world. This flash of greater connectivity is a reminder of the very vastness of the universe which in turn, ultimately helps us to gain perspective on our own lives. Meditation is an incredible self-awareness tool that—aside from innumerable health benefits and even anti-aging powers—is a practice in increasing our empathy. This compassion influx deepens our connection to each other, to the world and the universe as a whole.

4. Follow the muse.

Creativity and artistic pursuits are our collective M.O. during Pisces season. Dust off your journal and try a daily practice of free-writing three pages each morning before checking your phone (or hey, after you meditate) a la Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Don’t judge the process or self-correct, either. The idea is to really let yourself get the juices flowing in order to clear space in your overactive mind for the real creativity to come. Whether you’re an artist or not, we like to believe that as human beings we are all born creatives. So that no matter what you do in life, be it washing the dishes or crunching numbers, there IS a way to add a touch of creative flair to your work to make it more enjoyable. Letting your inner child come out to play by doodling, sketching, even busting out the old set of watercolors, is a great way to channel the muse during Pisces season. Adult coloring books have risen to popularity as a cathartic form of self-expression—or maybe just a way to help keep our hands busy. Watch for addictive tendencies during this cycle too, since Pisces can be prone to falling back on bad habits. Reaching for a pen or paintbrush when the urge to self-soothe strikes can be therapeutic.

5. Release an old grudge.

On that note, it’s time to let it go. You know, that thing you’ve been carrying around (probably since childhood)—the one thing that makes you who you are, but also holds you back from blossoming into your true authentic self? Each and every one of us has a story that we tell ourselves: a story that hurt us badly, caused us to suffer, resent, become angry, even distance ourselves from a loved one. But by spending our lives clinging to this tale of woe, we hinder our deeper spiritual growth. Pisces season takes us by the hand and says, “It’s going to be okay.” Waving the white flag of surrender is always easier said than done, but when you commit to doing the work, to diving deep within and illuminating the darkest parts of yourself that maybe you can barely stand to look at, real healing can take place. And trust us, you’ll feel so much lighter and freer once you’re finally able to move past whatever has been weighing you down. Practicing real, radical forgiveness is more than just forgetting it and moving on—it’s about facing your demons head on and empowering yourself to leave them behind in the dust, but never forgetting where you came from.

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*Feature illustration by Ami Clifford.