30 Classic Books Worth Revisiting

Scroll through above for the best classic novels!

From Elizabeth Lane, Founder of Quarterlane.

What I find most interesting about “the classics” – those books we recognize, that we read in school, or perhaps feel we should have read in school; essentially, those titles that have stood the test of time – is that they are always relevant. Even if the style is dated or the customs are old-fashioned, their themes are absolutely universal. The classics are stories about the human condition. This makes them a living literature that transcends time and place. They hold a mirror to our beliefs. They help us find our place within society and, most importantly, our place within ourselves.

I often think that fiction is the best form of self-help as it gives us a chance to truly inhabit another character and another point of view. It provides a beautiful opportunity for empathy, to “climb into his skin and walk around in it,” as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird says to Scout. And when we do that, we learn so much. Here are thirty classics that, to me, are so relevant today. And they are certainly not alone, as a list like this is always highly personal and wholly subjective. Scroll through above for the complete list!

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