Actress Natasha Bassett

We’re not ashamed to admit that we were (and still are) major Britney Spears fans. Her songs and music videos pretty much defined our teenage years (Britney and Justin forever!). That’s why we were pretty excited when we got the chance to sit down with actress Natasha Bassett, who’s playing Britney in the new Lifetime biopic, Britney Ever After, and is every bit as dynamic and talented as Ms. Spears herself. We got Natasha’s take on the best ways to practice beauty from the inside out, authentic fried chicken, and how she channeled the pop sensation for the movie. Catch the full interview below…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I would start the day with an Aussie flat white followed by scrambled eggs with avocado from Bills in Sydney. I would come back to LA for lunch in my rocket or time-machine to gobble a Gjelina’s lamb pizza followed by a selection of all their chocolate desserts. Dinner would be pumpkin pasta at Locanda Verde in Tribeca…perhaps with some more dessert. Then I would spend the next two weeks walking it off, back to where I started.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I only started following a proper skincare routine a couple of years ago, so I really stick to the basics. I certainly try to eat healthily and aim to practice a consistent workout routine (which isn’t always the case), and I think ‘beauty sleep’ is highly underrated. Overall, I believe beauty really comes from a place of fulfillment. I know I feel that way when my mind is nourished, which for me often manifests itself as time spent writing, being in nature, or being challenged in an acting role.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I use a great smelling cleanser by Rodial, along with a friend’s rose oil product called Iris Moreau that I love. I use it as a moisturizer morning and evening.

What is a beauty mainstay that hasn’t changed since your teen years? Are there any beauty products you can’t live without?

I don’t do anything I did in my teen years, thankfully. Although, I’ve always found a hot bath cures any bad day. Like every true Aussie girl, I’m addicted to Papaw ointment. You can put that stuff on anything and it’ll fix it.

What are some of your go-to workouts? Workouts you find overrated?

I try to find efficiency in my routine; I’ve been incorporating the ‘7-minute workouts’ into my day, but unless you’re doing each activity at the highest levels of intensity, it can feel overrated and ineffective. I do a lot of planks because you can do them anywhere! For travel, they prove to be a great go-to in a hotel room, a green room, or a trailer! I might have been caught mid-plank before shooting a scene at one time or another.

How did you prep for your role in Britney Ever After? How did you get in character?

I found out I got the role about a week before I had to head to Vancouver and shoot, so there wasn’t a great deal of time to prepare. I started watching every single interview and documentary available on Britney. I read all the books. I had one week to not only learn how to dance, but how to look, walk and stand like a dancer too. I copied her accent by watching her interviews constantly and had them playing in my headphones on set whenever I wasn’t filming. I actually stayed in accent the entire shoot. I think some of the crew still may not know I’m from Australia.

What was your favorite part of playing Britney Spears? Are you a fan of hers?

It was exhilarating to perform some of her songs in a big stadium with a crowd of people. My favorite band is The Rolling Stones, so acting out ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ was a blast. I saw them play live in Vegas a few days after we finished shooting the film, and I also saw Britney’s show. Those were the two best shows of my life. It was all very surreal. I practiced catwalks in my bedroom as a kid to her music and lip-synched along to her songs in the mirror. I never would have imagined I would be playing someone I’d idolized at such an early age. If you had told me ten years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy.

What can’t you stop listening to right now?


How do you always start your day? What’s your go-to breakfast?

I start my day with a cup of hot water and lemon, followed by a coffee, which I couldn’t function without. I usually eat a simple egg-white omelette with mushrooms and avocado, and sometimes smoked salmon. Quite boring, really!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

To let go. I’m still learning how to incorporate this into my life, but I try not to take everything so seriously all the time because you can’t always have control over what may happen. I find the more I’m able to accept things for what they are, the better I live my life.

You didn’t like X until you tried Y….

Reading books digitally until I tried reading books digitally.

What are your favorites cities for food? What restaurants do you love in each?

I love New York for food. I used to live uptown and would go to JG Melons at least once a week. They’ve been there for forty-five years and nailed making the best cheeseburger in town, and pictures of watermelons cover the restaurant’s walls, which makes the whole experience even tastier. For dessert, I ventured on a month-long chocolate souffle hunt to find the best one. It ended up being at the small Bouchon bakery in the Columbus Circle mall. It truly spurs a mouthgasm. Icebergs in Sydney in very special. It has great food and a beautiful view over Bondi Beach. Also, Le Relais de l’Entrecote in Paris is very cool. It has no menu because they only serve steak frites…the meal is mouth-watering!

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

I lived in the south of France as a kid, and speak fluent French, so I love to go back. Paris is magnificent, but I especially enjoy visiting the southern coast of France. The French countryside is so beautiful. I wouldn’t go there, or anywhere, without a good book.

Would you/do you use dating apps? Why or why not?

I haven’t. It hasn’t been a focus of mine, but I’ve heard great stories from friends who’ve met lovely people that way. So who’s to say I wouldn’t try it in the future? Although, I think deep down, I’m still a romantic at heart and fantasize that when it comes to love, things transpire more organically. We’ll see!

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead who would you have over? And what would you serve?

Britney Spears, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Virginia Woolf and my grandfather. Frank Sinatra might come along to sing us a few tunes, too. We would sit by a fire sipping champagne. I would serve cheese and quince paste on crackers, then we would enjoy a long night grazing on Christmas food like roast ham, poached salmon and mashed potatoes. I would throw in one of Britney’s favorites too: fried chicken. I can’t imagine all my guests would get along…that would be a very interesting dinner.

*Natasha Bassett photographed at Genuine Superette in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann