10 Cover-Ups For Refined Sugar

Scroll through above for the ten hidden places of refined sugar!

Nutritionist Mikaela Reuben has told us countless times how bad sugar is for our body. We’re finally listening and really committing to cutting out added refined sugar, but it can be harder than it seems. Refined sugar is hiding in plain sight. Read Mikaela’s tips for avoiding it below, then scroll the above to find the entire list of refined sugar aliases…

“Many companies use refined sugars in their processed foods to make the “taste more appealing” and to ensure their customers keep coming back for more. I would always recommend reading the ingredient list thoroughly when you are purchasing a packaged good, even if you are buying from the healthiest food store around, many products are “health washed” and marketed healthier than they actually are. Branding, marketing and packaging may rave about health-boosting ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, however this hardly means that all of the ingredients inside are beneficial. If you see any of the above on an ingredient list, know that it’s a cover name for refined sugar and choose to avoid them!” – Mikaela Reuben

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