How To Have More Energy

From Erika Bloom, Pilates Expert and Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates.

Modern lives demand sustained energy throughout the day. We have so many passions both professionally and personally to tackle with gusto – no matter the time of day. As a Pilates instructor, business owner, mom, and friend, I can’t have energy crashes and get through the day as my best self. For me, and for my clients, I focus on avoiding stimulants that backfire and cause energy crashes. Instead, the key is to keep stress low, get your blood moving, and maintain steady blood sugar levels. Here are some of my go-to tips that I use and recommend to my clients to feel healthy, strong, and to do my best work.

Stay hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue. The blood thickens, blood volume decreases, and even our brain becomes ‘dry.’ This can cause you to become sluggish, can slower cognitive processing, and cause muscle soreness.

Take a walk outside. Get moving in the fresh air to increase oxygen, circulation, and improve your mood. A walk provides a mental break that will get you set for tackling the rest of your day.

Eat small portions balanced between carbs, protein and fat. This keeps your blood sugar steady so you don’t crash between meals. Good options include: chickpea stew, walnuts and no sugar coconut yogurt, apples and almond butter, sweet potatoes and black beans, an omelet with veggies and gluten-free toast, and salmon and quinoa with salad.

Breathe deeply. Increase oxygen and decrease stress with mindful breathing. The movement of the diaphragm in breath work helps to calm and cleanse the adrenals so we can feel focused instead of frazzled.

Take a side stretch. In a standing or sitting position, reach your right arm up and over to the left, lengthening the right side of your body. Breathe deeply into the lower right ribcage. Doing this will open up your torso to allow for more air to enter the lungs, increasing energy.

Do an articulated bridge. The bridge is a mild inversion so it increases blood to the brain, giving it oxygen and nutrients that revitalize brain function.

Stand up and do ten jumping jacks. Getting your blood pumping sends oxygen to your brain and throughout your body, which will give you a burst of energy better than coffee.

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