5 Low-Sugar Desserts

Scroll through above for our favorite low sugar desserts!

It’s almost impossible to get through the depressing tundra that is February without a sugar craving or two. And with Valentine’s Day, all those boxes of chocolates and heart shaped cakes are almost impossible to resist – but we’re still trying to stick to our 2017 resolution of eating cleaner. That means cutting down on our sugar intake. Don’t worry, Potatoheads, we’re not suggesting you completely skip dessert; we’re just suggesting you choose a low sugar option, like one of the five recipes above. They all have an appropriate amount of sugar, often from better sources like dates or coconut. Bonus – some of them are even gluten-free! Whoever said we couldn’t have our cake and eat it too was obviously mistaken. Scroll through above for our favorite low sugar desserts.

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