Our Favorite Serum & Night Creme

Here at TNP, we love power pairings, which is why Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum and Revitalizing Supreme+ moisturizer is kind of our perfect product duo. In general, we choose to believe that unexpected things – like food and fashion – can go together as seamlessly as PB & J. Not only that, but as sisters who work together, we obviously live by the notion that two is better than one.

Not to sound immodest, but you could call us an unexpected power pair ourselves. As sisters, we perfectly complement one another: Who knew that two different girls would work together so seamlessly? That’s the best part though; our strengths are each others weaknesses, and that’s what keeps our dynamic that much stronger. 

Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum and Revitalizing Supreme+ Moisturizer reminds us of ourselves; while the nature of each product is different, they work in tandem and help the other be even more effective. We added them to our routine immediately upon discovery. It’s like our mom always told us, “You can never start an anti-aging routine too early.”

These are our two hot potatoes, so if you are only using a moisturizer now (or just a serum), you’re missing out in a big way. Serums, especially Advanced Night Repair, prep the skin for moisturizer and encourage cell turnover – and you can’t use a serum without a great night cream.

Using these products inspired us to think about more perfect pairings we love. There’s Olivia Pope’s popcorn and red wine, boyfriend jeans and a white tee, and our favorite celebrity pairing? That’s easy: Nail Patrick Harris and David Burtka. We interviewed the couple at their home on a Taco Tuesday last October and were struck by how seamlessly they worked together, singing Hamilton karaoke with their kids in the kitchen while making a delicious meal.

What are your favorite power pairs? Tell us about them in the comments, then go read our full interview with Estée Lauder!

*In Collaboration With Estée Lauder.