What A Doctor Eats In A Day

From Dr. Mark Hyman, Author of Eat Fat, Get Thin

“Do you really eat healthy all the time?” “Do you really avoid sugar every day?” Everyone wants to know if I walk the walk! The truth is that I have to. I have about ten jobs, two kids, a dog, a team, weeks of travel at a time…the list goes on and on. In order to keep up with this lifestyle, maintaining optimal health becomes a top priority. Here’s a typical day of eating for me…


I love to have a little Bulletproof Coffee before I do yoga or go for a run in the morning. It contains delicious fats and keeps my energy high. When I get back from working out, I’ll have either a green smoothie or a delicious omelette. Both are low carb options with plenty of healthy proteins + fats.


I usually have to make my lunch quickly since I’m often seeing patients during the day. Sometimes this means a quick salad with some canned wild fatty fish or if I have some ground, grass-fed beef handy, I’ll put this Taco Salad together.


When my family and I are together, we love to cook and connect in the kitchen for dinner. Since I’m traveling so much, this is really rare, and chances are that I’ll pick a healthy farm to table restaurant to enjoy some food at. If I am home, though, I’ll make something yummy with friends and family like these Salmon Salad Wraps.


I snack on homemade trail mix with some nuts and seeds, cacao nibs, and coconut sheds. I also like cut veggies with guacamole, another smoothie or hard boiled eggs. For snacks, I always recommend both protein and fats. It’s the winning combo to keep you satiated longer!

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