Model Shanina Shaik

Fashion week is quickly approaching, and you could say that we have model fever here at The New Potato. Our obsession this week? Shanina Shaik. You’ll definitely recognize her from campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Stella McCartney & Tom Ford, just to name a few. Read below for Shaik’s take on workout motivation, staying hydrated, and where to find the best food in some of our favorite cities. Bonus – she even shared a weeknight-friendly recipe for Jamaican baked snapper. Trust us, this is exactly what you need to start the week off right…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast, I’d have an egg white omelet with spinach and feta and vegan pancakesLunch would be steamed roasted snapper with okra. For dinner, I’d have anything Chinese/Malay cuisine, and dessert would be lots of ice cream and warm chocolate cake.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

Taking care of myself is one of my top priorities. I always make sure I’m drinking plenty of water, working out consistently (four to five times a week), eating healthy and fresh food, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines? 

Every morning and night I cleanse, tone and moisturize. I exfoliate my skin two to three times a week. I use Kora foaming cleanser or Adore cosmetics facial milk, followed by Thayers Witch Hazel Toner in Rose Petal; depending on the season I use Neutrogena oil free moisturizer in the summer and Manuka Honey Wild Ferns moisturizer during the winter. I occasionally use a facial mask once a week. I love the Sephora facial masks!

Any foods or drinks you cut out? What are they and why?

I haven’t had soda since I was sixteen years old. Overtime, it can cause chronic dehydration and is horrible for your teeth.

What do you always carry in your bag?

Phone, wallet, headphones, a phone charger and my favorite lip stain.

What’s one accessory every woman should own?

A high-end designer purse.

What are the best foods and drinks for skin and hair? The worst?

You can never go wrong with water! Drinking water clears your skin and keeps it fresh. Eating a lot of veggies does huge damage control, as well. I noticed a huge difference in my skin and hair when I simply started eating more vegetables.

Alcohol and soda are the worst. They clog your pores and dehydrate your skin.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

New York – Catch. I love their seafood

Los Angeles – Sugarfish. I’m obsessed with their sushi. You can’t go wrong with sushi in LA!

Dubai – Zuma. The dessert platter is out of this world. It’s so heavy, the waiters need help to bring it to the table. 

Australia – Mr. Wong. I love my Asian cuisine, and this is the best spot to indulge.

Do you take any nutrients or vitamins? If so, what are they?

I like to take a women’s multivitamin by Swisse and an evening primrose oil vitamin, which is amazing for your skin.

What is your favorite recipe to make at home on weeknights? Can you tell us how to do it?

I make an amazing Jamaican baked snapper!

1. Heat the oven to 420 degrees.

2. Wash the snapper and clean with lemon.

3. Rub salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder and Jamaican curry powder all over the fish.

4. Using a brush or spoon, rub in 2-3 teaspoons of Jamaican jerk seasoning also all over.

5. Stuff the fish with onions, garlic, peppers, okra and thyme (optional).

6. Lightly oil the aluminum foil that you will use to wrap the fish.

7. Wrap the snapper tight in the foil.

8. Place in the oven on a tray or baking dish for 45-50 minutes.

What are some of your go-to workouts? Workouts you find overrated?

I like to mix up my workouts so I never get bored with my training or going to the gym. I love Pilates and yoga. Toning and stretching always works best for my body. For a good cardio session, I like to jump rope, run or go to a spin class. No workout is overrated, you just have to know what works best for your body. I think spending excessive time at the gym is overrated; you need to allow your body to rest!

What’s your perfect smoothie comprised of? Your perfect salad?

I like kale, cucumber, celery, mint and apple juice or banana, chocolate whey protein, and almond milk in a smoothie.

My perfect salad consists of iceberg lettuce, artichoke, boiled egg white, carrot, cucumber and feta. No creamy dressing for me!

What is the best advice you have ever received? What is the worst?

Never compare yourself to anyone, always remain your unique self and always focus on yourself and your dreams. My mum still to this day gives me this advice. She is always right!

The worst advice I received was to make my eyebrows thinner! I did not listen to that one!

What advice would you give to young women struggling with body image?

Every woman was born with their own body type and shape. Don’t ever compare your body to other women or even the runway models. Work on your body to the best of your ability and be sure to train and workout for your body type. No one is you!

If you could have a dinner party with five people, living or dead, who would you invite? And what would you cook?

My mum, my fiancé [DJ Ruckus], Beyoncé, my best friend, and I guess Jay Z. I want to have dinner with Beyoncé and have the people I love enjoy that moment with me. I would cook something Jamaican – maybe chicken curry or my baked snapper.

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*Shanina Shaik, photographed at The Standard Beirgarten in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann