Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Scroll through above for 17 foods that help you lose weight!

We’re always seeking the perfect balance between indulgence and juice cleanse, especially in the new year, but finding that healthy medium is not an easy task. We want to find out how to have our cake and eat it too, you know? We turned to our go-to nutritionist, Mikaela Reuben, for some advice.

She taught us that “calories in, calories out” is the old mentality of how weight loss works. Research shows that it is the quality of the calories in that has a major impact on shedding extra pounds and feeling your best. So, eat whole foods that are better for you (even if they seem higher in calories), and you’ll be working toward your weight loss goal. Scroll through above for the 17 foods that help you lose weight, then add them to your grocery list ASAP…

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